11 Feb 2013


Like Catholics all over the world I was shocked to hear on the morning news as I was walking my Benji about the Pope resigning because he says at 85 he is getting old.  I know I will be accused of being a horrible Catholic again, but I don’t buy that.  To me it is just a cover story and the real reasons are not being told.

On facebook, on one of my friends wall, another Catholic and I are discussing this.  She feels that the POPE only answers to GOD and we as people within the church have no right to demand the truth be told to us by our shephard.  I told her I disagreed, and that I felt that having this mindset that any clergy all the way up to the POPE is of God and not to be question by the people of the church is part of the reason that child sexual abuse was allowed to go on and be covered up for so long.  That to blindly follow a LEADER is a deadly mistake.  Haven’t we learned our lesson?

I also pointed out that Jesus never told us to blindly follow Leaders.  He said we were to judge them by their fruit.  To me HONESTY is part of the FRUIT I am to judge on.

There won’t be any fight on my friends wall, because I said what I had to say and I won’t respond anymore.  I have grown as a person since I started the therapy for my PTSD.  Before I would fight back until I got the last word.  I don’t do that anymore.  Now if they want the last word they can have it.

Not going to coping group this morning as I have a root canal that is being done.

Wed. I start the enpowerment group too.  So I will be doing three groups in one week.  I want to get healthy and overcome the PTSD, so I can move forward and embrace a much better future.  We all have a destiny and I would like to find mine and start living it.


start the day with a little Van Morrison.

Have a great day.



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Wanted to add this mindset of blindly following your Leader without making him account for his words and action is dangerous. Absolute power corrupts even the most honorable man. Jeff had absolute power in his ci/wn church and look how he got away with abusing his family. I was told I am the evil one because I couldn’t believe in what Jeff and them believed.

    Also a catholic priest friend of mine on Facebook posted the question should drones be used to find and kill the cop killer? I was one of the few who said no. That if we are a nation of Laws and believe in the right for every person to have a chance to defend themselves then we must oppose the use of drones being used on Americans as punishment for crimes and not allow fait trials to be held for all people accused of a crime.

    I also asked them, do they value al life or just the life of the unborn?

    That today drones can be used on people accused of murder, but tomorrow they could be used on anyone who disagreed with the government and their polices, such as the use of drones or taking away more of our rights like the right of a fair trial before our peers or one is innocent until proven guilty.

    I was really shocked to see so many Catholics who are pro life, be in favor of using drones on americans and deny them their right to a fair trial and a right to be judged after defending themselves of the crime they are accused of.

    Sometimes I wonder if there is a place in the Catholic church for someone like me?

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    This song is for an old Catholic friend who I continue to pray will someday come and talk to me with the goal of making a real and lasting peace between us. So we can join forces and fight against such evils as child sexual abuse and white nationalism.

    Together I believe there isn’t anything we couldn’t achieve, and that we would make a powerful force for good in the world. Still believe in him and always will only see the best in him..

    Please pray that J will desire to make peace with me and let me talk to him about things. That he will see the good in me and believe in me as I believe in him.

    Thank you for your prayers.

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