28 Jan 2013


Have coping group this morning.  Will write when I get back.

Was happy they had three of the Twlight movies that I love so much.  My mother was shocked that anyone would like a movie about vampires.  Why do I like them so much?

Bella and Edward had to overcome many hurdles to finally get together.  Yet, their love was strong enough to endure through the years.  Bella loved Edward uncondtionally.  I know that feeling. 

No matter how much pain my old friend in MA J.. causes me by refusing to talk to me about White Nationalism and child sexual abuse so he can be our hero and protect us from those who don’t want us to tell the truth and shine that light of truth on their evil deeds can’t hurt us.  Who will defend us from those Americans who throw the stones at us and refuse to show us compassion or mercy.  Who will take the place of his brother in my life, who when he knew I was telling the truth spoke up for me against those who were being mean to me with their harsh judgment. No matter what I love my friend uncondtionally and am a true and loyal friend who would rather continue to suffer in my hell then to ever do anything to hurt him or betray him.  I continue to be his special wing person who protects and keeps him safe from those who would love to destroy him because of his mistakes in life.  We all make mistakes, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I will never allow anyone to use me to get to him.

A love that strong is very rare in this life.  Will never give up the hope that someday he will realize the truth about me and value people who are true and loyal to him and love him unconditonally as a friend.  That he will want to be our friend too and help us by speaking out for us.  There is an event coming up in March that would be perfect for him to speak out regarding violence which includes sexual childhood abuse and rape.  I write better then I speak.  I will talk to this man because I  knew him in real life as my friend.



Need to get ready for Coping group.

Please pray that my old friend J.. in MA finally sees the truth about me and decides he wants to help, and that I asked him once and he doesn’t have to wait for me to ask him again,  that he will just help and be the strong warrior that I have always dreamed him to be.





  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Called one more of my mother’s friends in Kansas to let her know that my mother died Friday.

    Group was good this morning.

    Tomorrow or Wed. Going out to dinner with a friend. Will go to the cheesecake factory.

    Will maybe work on my journal assignment for my survivor’s group later today.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    Watching King Arthur with Clive Owen that I like. This is a great movie.

    My friend wants me to visit her for the weekend and get away for a few days. Thinking about going Valentine’s day weekend.

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