Hope everyone is having a great evening.


Glad I got the journal entry out of the way and the other paper they wanted us to fill out…  Still have a letter to write my mother, but will do that at a later date.  The letter today was enough for now.

Yes, I have some feelings to sort out about my mother, but not ready to do the letter to her yet.

Been thinking about VNN and their comments about White women being whores and a disgrace to the White RACE if they have at least one tattoo.  I have the one on my shoulder in honor of my MacDonald line, so to the White Nationalists that makes me a WHORE,  even though I haven’t been with a man in a sexual way in 13 years…  Most people don’t even know I have one tattoo.

I have been thinking for a years about getting the Union Jack flag over my heart..  That will be the next and last one, as I will have honored both my CELTIC and ENGLISH BLOOD.  I just haven’t decided if I want only the Union Jack or if I want to put the Betsy Ross flag next to it to honor my American side.  Right now, NO, but a part of me KEEPS HOPING THAT MY FAITH AND TRUST WILL BE RESTORED IN AMERICANS AND THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.  Since I would want to do it at the same time, if I decide to have both my nations represented; I keep on putting it off.  My birthday is 5 Mar, so this might be a birthday present to myself. 

Why is it that only women who have one or more tattoos are condemned as whores but men are looked upon as not a disgrace to the White race if they have a couple of tattoos that are important to them?

Yes, men and women sometimes choose to do stupid things with tattoo’s like putting the name of a person they just met, who they aren’t going to be a couple with in a year from now.  So for the rest of their lives they have the name of someone they once loved, but now hate… Is that smart?

But honoring one’s culture and ancestors is not having a man’s name tattooed on myself.  So does it really make me a whore that is a disgrace to the White race becacuse I have a rose and a sword tattooed on my shoulder to represent the Jacobite Cause my MacDonald ancestors fought for?  Does it really mean I can no longer be thought of as a ” Lady” because I now have one tattoo that no one even sees and would even know I had, unless I told them?

White Nationalist women who have at least one tattoo, how does that make you feel that WN men on VNN think you are a WHORE because you have a tattoo? 

Do you really want to be involved in a Cause that you are considered a WHORE and a DISGRACE TO THE WHITE RACE BECAUSE YOU HAVE A TATOO OR TWO?


Feel like some Phil Collins

I really like him. 

I guess to the White Nationalist man I am stupid, a witch, and now a whore.  Sad the LIES have more POWER then THE TRUTH.  THE TRUTH IS THAT I AM SMART, NORMAL, AND A NICE GIRL.

The White Nationalist CAUSE is no place for WOMEN.  Please wake up before it is to late.  See the truth that you are being brainwashed to believe A LIE as TRUTH.



Hope that someday you will choose to leave White Nationalism.




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