20 Jan 2013


Today is a big game for my New England Patriots.  Go Pats!!!

I hate having a cold.  Yet, one just has to do the best they can while it runs it course.  Slept better last night then the night before, so the cold medicine did help with that.

My mother came home yesterday and she is very demanding this morning.  Can’t do anything right.  One minute she wants this and another minute she changes her mind and wants it this way, and then it is back to the first way.  Very frustrating.

Need to start working on my journal entry for my survivor’s group. Maybe later today or tomorrow, as we are not having coping group because of MLK Jr day.

White Nationalists hate that MLK Jr day is celebrated in this country.  They would celebrate Robert E Lee Day instead, if they had Southern roots.

I feel it is sad that both sides misrepresent what Martin Luther King Jr stood for.  The far right considers him a Communist and the far left ignores the fact that Martin Luther King was pro life and a man of moral character.  One side views him as an evil commie and the other side twists the truth about this man to fit their Progressive view.

If Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, I believe he would be unhappy with both sides lying about him and what he truly believed and stood for.

He would oppose the Black Nationalism that is growing in this country as he would oppose the White Nationalism.  All RACISM is WRONG.  Yet, in today’s world Black Nationalism is ok and accepted.  People even justify it and say it is a good thing.  BLACK NATIONALISM IS JUST AS WRONG AS WHITE NATIONALISM.

I read a comment by a Progressive that said that it is not racist for a non white to take pride in their race and culutre and to celebrate that culture but it is racist for White RACES to take pride and celebrate our different ethnic groups and work to help them do better in this world, like the Black ethnic groups are encourage to help their ethnic groups to do better.  Why the double standard?  Not one other Progressive corrected this person, and they all felt that it was racists for WHITES ONLY… 

I can see why White Nationalists feel that there is a double standard, because there is.

Martin Luther King Jr said a person should be judged on their moral character and not the color of their skin.  I agree with those words. That is why I don’t think he would approve of the double standard of BLACK NATIONALISM IS OK AND GOOD AND ANY WHITE PERSON WHO IS PROUD OF THEIR WHITE ETHNIC GROUP IS AN EVIL RACIST….

If there is one standard for the BLACK NATIONALIST AND HIS HATE TOWARD WHITES IS EXCUSED AND EVEN THOUGHT OF AS A GOOD THING, HOW IS HE ANY DIFFERENT THEN THE WHITE NATIONALIST WHO JUDGES HIM AND HATES HIM BECAUSE HE IS BLACK?  Both sides have crossed the line of not judging others based on their character but by their skin color and both sides are guilty of RACISM. 

We have gone to the other extreem of it is ok to hate Whites…

I believe in my heart that Martin Luther King Jr would speak out against BLACK NATIONALISM as much as he would be speaking out against WHITE NATIONALISM, OR EVEN MEXICAN NATIONALISM.

Need to go now as I need to rest, but will leave with this song by Bon Jovi. I remember the orginal by Dion.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Here is a little Zeppelin to start your day.

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