To Sally



I have been thinking of you since you posted on my blog. Just wanted to let you know I am not your enemy or against you as a woman.. I am here for you if you ever decide to leave White Nationalism. Just wanted to let you know that.

For many of us women, we became involved with White Nationalism because we feel in love with a man who slowly brainwashed us to believe that White Nationalism is the solution to all the problems facing the world..We believed their mantra of lies as truth. I was a good parrot too…Was active in real life White Nationalism and a member of the NA which doesn’t really exist anymore, except in name only. Have been where you are and believed I was a White Nationalist women who was fighting to save the WHITE RACE.

You might ask what woke me up? Good question. I think it was a combo of things. Bon Jovi’s song ” who says you can’t go home” playing a lot on the radio got me thinking about Boston, MA where I used to live. My heart was always in New England and when my dad was alive it was my safe place that I would go to when I wanted out of CA. It got me thinking about my dad and what he would say if he was alive and saw me involved with White Nationalism. I knew he would be angry at me, and I loved him to much to have him unhappy and angry with me. I started to remember what he taught me while he was alive, and slowly I saw the truth…

I think of my time in White Nationalism now as my time in the TWLIGHT ZONE.

My friend Julie started to wake up too at the same time, but we didn’t share it with each other, because we were afraid to say what we were really thinking at that point. For her she was seeing what being involved with White Nationalism was doing to her children.

For my old friend Saturnia who doesn’t post here anymore, it was the attitude that White Nationalist men have toward women and she felt that she was condemned because she went to college and wanted a career.

Someday you just might find yourself thinking that you don’t believe in White Nationalism anymore and you want out. Just know that you have someone in your life who understands and is here for you as a friend.

Best Wishes for 2013



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