30 Dec 2012


Good morning. We got the fire alarms replaced yesterday. The man that my mother found objectable because she thought he was Mexican is really Italian from Boston. Nice guy. Enjoyed talking to him about home. I liked them. Once again someone I like and enjoy talking to is hated by my mother.

It is always nice to meet another person from Boston who likes and supports the Boston sports team. Another New England Patriot fan. He also agrees with me you can’t get really good pizza here. Loves the Red Sox and Fenway Park and agrees they should never get rid of the Green Monster. Knows waht a Grinder is. At Bashas the store here in Sun Lakes there are a couple of guys who work there from the South Shore. One still goes back to Marshfield every Summer. Because of my mother I never want to go back to Marshfield again, though I wouldn’t mind living on the North Shore in Ipswitch as it is near the ocean but still rural enough to have horses. If I were to stay in the States I wouldn’t mind going back to the Boston area.

I wish she didn’t judge people without knowing them and taking the time to hear their story first. One of my gifts is tolerance and having an open mind about people. I give them a chance before just judging them harshly.

I know what it is like to be judged harshly without people coming to talk to you first and getting to know you by spending time and talking to you and they ask you questions as you ask them questions and you look each other in the eyes as you both answer each other.. Will never treat any other person like I have been treated by people, who I thought were my friends.

Up where we belong-

Love the ending of this movie. I like the ones where boy meets girl, boy and girl get angry at each other and have anger passion for each other. You know wanting to hit each other over the head with a base ball bat kind of passion, but you never really do that. But you feel like it. Then boy and girl work things out and live happily ever after.

I think that is why I love Jane Austin so much. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcey.

Yes, I am a romanitc. I know White Nationalists men on VNN think that is a fault in a woman, but what do non WHITE NATIONALIST MEN THINK?


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