Need to relax with a little Stones.


Been a long day with my mother, and now it is relaxing to Stones time for me…. I love my mother as she is my mother, but she can make my sister and I feel ashamed for her racist thoughts and words she says to and about people who are non White and non prostestant. She hated the fact I converted to the Catholic faith at 17… That is another disppointement that I caused her.

I realized something yesterday and that is my mother is in denial. So because she is in denial and can’t face the truth about my being sexual raped by an employee of theirs at 10-11, to her I am lying and it never happen. So of course I was just suppose to forget and pretend it never happen too. This sexual survivor group for children who were sexually abused and raped will be good for me. It is 45 years to late, but better late then never. Maybe now I can get unstuck and move pass this ptsd I have suffered from since I was 10 in 1968…

Rolling Stones
Tumbling dice

under my thumb

You got me rocking/jumping Jack Flash.

Hope everyone is having a great night.

Tomorrow will be another long day, as the handymen have to come back and finish the job they started today. Going to be interesting to say the least as my mother doesn’t like them because one was non White… She made it very clear how she feels about them..

Good night.


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