Getting used to my ipad


Testing loading a picture.

This morning when I had to go somewhere it was nice to have an iPad to play games on while having to wait a long time.

Slowly I am moving into the 21st century.

It has been a busy day and my mother has been difficult. She embarresed my sister and I today with her racist Archie Bunker comments regarding a Mexican worker that worked on the fire alarm replacement.

Told my sister that she is the one with the problem and anyone worth their value will not judge us on our mother. She feels that it still reflects on us cause we are her daughters. My sister and I are like Jane and Elizabeth Bennett, who had a mother that could say the most crazy things. They were quality girls, who two very wonderfull men fell in love with them and married them. My sister married a prince of a guy and my Mr Darcy will enter my life,inspite of my mother. It is not like he would have to spend any time with her or very little time…so I think he could deal with it for my sake.

The PTSD therapy is really helping to not take my mother’s behavior on myself. It is hard because my mom makes both my sister and I feel stupid and can’t do anything right. Sad, but that is just the way it has always been.

Thank you for letting vent on my journal.

I love Jane Austin. Somewhere is my Mr. Darcy who will love me as much as he loved Elizabeth Bennett. I know it is only a book, but why can’t life have romance? Without true love and unconditional love what would be good in the world? Yes, I am a romanitc.


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