26 Dec 2012 ( Boxing Day)


Finally, I can write a new post. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Have to take Benji to the vet.

Back from the vet. Benji has an ear infection so I am giving him some medicine. Poor baby. He goes back Wed to have his teeth clean..

Can finally relax and have a Guinness and it tastes so good after my busy day. I had bought a 6 pack on Christmas Eve and still have 2 left after this one. Will buy another 6 pack on New Years Eve. The next 6 pack will be bought for my birthday. I think that is why I get tipsy on just one or two beers as I don’t drink that much… It is really a treat for me when I do. Guinness is my choice when I do drink or an ale like Guinness. It must be the Irish in me, lol.

Need to think about getting dinner going. Tomorow is going to be a busy day too as my sister is coming to visit for a couple of day.

The Irish Rovers- The Unicorn Song

This brings me back to my childhood. Love this song.



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