I am so happy


The lasagna turned out really good and we will have more on Wed. Had my two Guinness’s and they tasted really good. Now I am watching a Jane Austin movie on tv. Love Jane Austin. Someday when I get to the UK I want to visit her house. Years ago they had a Jane Austin tour put on by the British Heritage mag. that I love to read. If I had been in the UK then I would have gone. There is always so much to do there that I am interested in seeing and doing which Americans dont’ seem interested in doing.

Later I will pop some popcorn. A friend in CT wants me to do a reading for her so I will do it later on tonight. I know that some people think the tarot is evil, but wiccans do not.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve.

let it snow- Frank Sinatra

Love this Christmas song. Tonight I will be dreaming that I am back in Massachusetts having a White Christmas.

Jingle Bells- Frank Sinatra

The song reminds me of a young man who when he was a little boy was taking violin lessons with me and this was the first Christmas song he learned. He loved this song. Merry Christmas Charlie.

Love Chrisy


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