Finished My Tarot Reading for my friend in CT


This dog reminds me of Kobe. I miss our sweet loving Kobe..

Rhiannon- Stevie Nicks

Love her so much. She practices the wiccan path too. I think that more and more Wiccans are coming out about their spiritual path. I know that people here work for people in the military to be able to practice their wiccan faith in public.

How do I feel coming out of the wiccan broom closet, lol?

I know Christians will blast me and tell me I am an evil witch. What else is new? Jeff used to say to me all the time, my rebellion in not accepting his CI/White Nationalist beliefs was the sin of witchcraft, so therefore I was a witch and the Bible says to burn witches, so I know what my fate is if they ever gain power or if I had stayed with him. I am tired of pretending that I don’t have a gift for tarot or that I value and respect the old Celtic Paths.. I like Wicca because they honor the old Celtic ways.

I honor the paths of my ancestors. Does it make me a bad person because I like the old Celtic beliefs?

For to long I have been torn between my Catholic/Christian faith and my Wiccan faith. I try and try to believe in the Christian faith.. but year after year there is no resolution on a certain matter in my life. I know the truth, and year after the year the truth doesnt’ come out and the lie continues to be held as the truth. Justice is denied me and the right thing is never done, so tell me how can I believe that Jesus loves me, when he refuses to bring healing to this sitution and my Catholic brother continues to refuse to face me and talk to me in person regarding White Nationalism and other issues of importance? I don’t want an I AM SORRY. I DO WANT HIM TO FIND THE COURAGE INSIDE OF HIMSELF TO FACE ME AND TALK TO ME. I HAVE NEVER LIED TO THIS PERSON. HE MUST FIND THE STRENGTH TO TALK TO ME AND LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. IF HE FINALLY TALKS TO ME AND LISTENS AND LEARNS ABOUT WHITE NATIONALIST HATE, AND JOINS BRAVE SOULS TO FIGHT THEM ON THE FRONT LINES, THEN I WILL BELIEVE IN JESUS AGAIN, BECAUSE HE WOULD HAVE SHOWED ME HE DOES LOVE ME AND DOES CARE ABOUT ME AND LISTENS TO MY PRAYERS.

How can I go to Christmas mass, when I have a hard time in believing that JESUS LOVES ME?

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas- The Carpenters

Karen Carpenter had such a beautiful voice. This is such a great song.

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve. Christmas will be here in less then an hour..



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