19 Dec 2012


Good morning. Go for my last one on one session today for the ptsd.

At the beginning of the new year through Mar. I start my sexual survivors group.. It is for people who were sexually abused and raped as children.. I still haven’t dealt with those feelings either. I dealt with them by eating and becoming fat so that I wouldn’t have to deal with unwanted advances from dirty old men. The problem with building walls to protect yourself from the bad, is that you keep the good out too. Hoping that this group will help me to build a door in my wall so that I can let a good man into my life that loves me unconditonally as I will love him.

This is to the unknown man who I hope someday will enter my life.

Somewhere out there

I was reading some White Nationalist sites. They are already saying on VNN that ” the Jews ” are behind what happen last Friday… WN blame everything on Jews, as an excuse for their HATE…

The sad thing is that White Nationalists believe that LIE as the TRUTH. They will tell their women that lie and teach their children that LIE, so that they too will blame and hate Jews for a crime that they had nothing to do with.

I remember the movie ” THE ETERNAL JEW ” that I was told was a NEWS REEL.. In that movie there was animal torture that the Third Reich blamed on JEWS so that Germans would hate them.. I still have nightmares from watching that film because of the animal torture.. The scene with the baby calf still gets to me. It took me awhile to understand that it wasn’t Jews who were guilty of the animal torture, but the Nazi’s who made the film and blamed it on the Jews.

I would then try and tell White Nationalists that it wasn’t the Jews who were guilty of animal torture but the nazi’s and WN wouldn’t understand the truth, that the movie wasn’t a news documentary but an EVIL LIE to make Germans HATE the Jews… It wasn’t real Jews in the movie but ACTORS paid to play a part.

So White Nationalists are already out putting the blame game on Jewish people for a crime they didn’t do…

I fight White Nationalism because I see young girls being sucked up into it because they fall in love with some guy who slowly brainwashes them to believe they are White Nationalist too and that their duty as White women is to have lots of White babies to save the White Race.

I love being a woman and motherhood is a wonderful calling. So before WN start calling me a feminazi, they should understand I am an old fashion traditonal women who believes in traditonal roles. When the right man comes and we want to marry each other I will have obey in my vows and he will have protect in his. A lot of women today wouldn’t dream of vowing to love, honor and obey and want the man to love, honor and protect. So I am a long way from being a modern woman.. I don’t hate White men or want to strip them of their manhood. I LOVE White men and want to HELP them be the best they can be, by being the BEST HELPMATE I can be.

I just feel that a woman has more then motherhood as a duty in life.


Someday my hero will come into my life who wants to learn about White Nationalism and will join me in fighting them… Who we will work together as one team in making sure they can never gain Political Power in the world again.

Hope everyone has a great day.




  1. 1
    Grant Says:

    I’ve been reading your stuff for as long time now. I like what you do and how you say. I don’t speak Afrikaans.

    Also that song up their makes my spine tingle all up and down. I’m not a knight but I am out there. Somewhere out there beneath that pale blue sky Somewhere out there Out where dreams come true.

    A Very
    Merry Christmas to you from South Australia

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too. Hope you will continue to make comments, as I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Always nice to meet new people. Hope we will become good online friends.

    Have a great day.

    Best wishes

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