17 Dec 2012


Good morning.

Starting my diet again this morning. I gained back what I lost minus one pound. You can sure gain it quicker then you loose it.. We all have different ways of dealing with emotions and mine is to eat.

It brought up some things in my own childhood that caused me pain.. I posted a little about it on my comment last night along with a video of what remains of Rindge Ave. where we lived until I was 8 years old. Those who have lost their homes to a natural disaster also know the feeling of loss that I and others felt when the government along with the LAX airport were able to destroy a whole neighborhood.

I was thinking about this last night as I was sleeping.. This could be the first time that I realized that Government can’t be trusted.. They expanded the airport, but in the process destroyed people’s homes and a good neighborhood where people loved each other and were a part of each other’s lives. The people and neighborhood were there before the airport. Yet, that didn’t matter… When they say they will pay the people, that is a lie, as the people get pennies for what their house is worth.

I read in CT the same thing happen to a neighborhood and the company that demanded the city condemn and take the neighborhood didn’t even build the company and create the jobs they promised the city, so the city would do their dirty work. People there too got very little and were forced out. They fought it like our neighborhood fought it and lost against government.. I understand the anger they felt and their loss. Like our old neighborhood the streets and traces of their once happy lives will still be there as nature slowly reclaims the area.

Here is the video of my beloved Ringe Ave neighborhood were my family was the happiest…

Playa Del Rey- Ghost town

From 1966-1972 they destroyed this whole section of Playa Del Rey… Yet, 40 years later, as we will start dating it from 1972 when the last person was forced out after fighting the government and airport, one can still see signs of people once living there and enjoying life in Southern California.. We lived across the street and on top of the first block from the ocean. Our views of the water were wonderful.

I still have some of the Christmas decorations we used at Rindge. I still have my Santa Claus doll my grandmama gave me. Still have a tree bulbs that we used on our trees there. One has my sister’s name on it that we put on the tree every year. When my mother dies I will give it to her so she can put it on her tree.

When tragic events like CT happen it brings up memories of our own that were tramatic to our mind again. This brought back the feelings I felt as a child seeing our neighborhood being destroyed by government in the name of progress. If you destroy a neighborhood in progress at least pay the people compensation for not only taking their homes, but the pain and suffering of being forced out of your home and neighborhood that you love. To steal their homes and force them out is morally wrong in my eyes. I remember how heartbroken everyone was when they lost the fight and realized they had to leave.

I don’t know if I will ever have faith and trust again in the government… I think they have done to many things that have left a bad taste in my mouth from my childhood on, that I think they are all selfish and only care about what profit they can make, and don’t care about the sufferings or feelings of people. I don’t respect the government because they have never showed they resepct me. How can you respect something or someone if they show only disregard for you and consider you acceptable damage to their goals and desires?

That is one reason why I don’t think that faith and trust I had during President Kennedy’s time will ever be restored in me. That Government doesn’t exist anymore. Were we lied to? Did we ever have a Government that really cared about people? Don’t know, but I do know the Government we have now doesn’t CARE about you.. If you are ever in trouble and need help and you ask someone who is in Government for help, their answer will be without asking you one question is ” IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM”… TELL ME HOW CAN I RESPECT THAT PERSON? So instead of the respect I want to give him and the Government I PITY THEM!!!!!!!!!

I have to believe this has come up again after all these years for a reason. Maybe to help me finally deal with my emotions of what happen to my beloved Rindge neighborhood and not just stuff it down with food and not deal with the emotions I felt as a kid watching the first home I knew being destroyed by a government and airport.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Ain’t stopping us now.

    Going down memory lane for this one. But I needed to hear this song this morning.

    There is healing, just have to keep bringing up the bad things and dealing with the emotions they make me feel and not just stuff them down with food.

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