16 Dec 2012


Good morning!!

Yesterday as I was reading the list of victims from the shooting in CT, I felt sorrow because most of the people listed were 6 or 7 years old. How does someone kill a small child in cold blood? What kind of mind can think murdering others is a good thing to do? Don’t understand and never will.

I try and respect all life. For someone to think it is ok to murder someone else, I will never understand… I know people say this young man was sick, but it doesn’t make it ok for me. It doesn’t take away the fact that so many families are grieving today for their loved ones who will never walk through the door again into their loving parents arms….

Rod stewart- Have I told you lately

Love is the answer to healing from this. Let us love each other better as a nation…

Let us come together and help each other.

I know the romantic in me thinks that all problems can be solved with love. White Nationalists make fun of me and other idealists, but I think that is because they don’t know how to really love. They say they love their race and that is why they do what they do, but I found they don’t really know how to love, because if they did they wouldn’t have hate in their hearts for those who are different then them. Both sides have hate in their hearts. It isn’t only White Nationalists or some Conservatives, but Progressives also hate those who are different then them…Both sides need to LOVE OTHERS MORE and LOOSE THE US vs THEM MINDSET…

The Beatles- All you need is love

Going to post songs about Love this morning.

Youngbloods-Let’s get together 1967

Loved this song as a child.. I was 9 years old when it came out and have always believed in the message of this song.

Scott McKenzie- San Franciso

This song also reminds me of childhood as I was living in the Los Altos Hills, which is the South Bay after we left Playa Del Ray.

It was a great time to be alive. It was a great time to live in the Bay Area…

On facebook I am friends of my old school Pinewood that is in Los Altos and I get to informed of what is going on there.. It is a private school and a very good school.. On the day of the shooting the kingergarden class had their Christmas tea and they had posted the pictures. The contrast on that day was surreal.. At Pinewood the children were smiling and having a great time at their Christmas tea and making happy memories at school with their classmates and teacher…

I posted in the comments to the pictures posted, that it seems like a long time ago that I went to Pinewood… Of course I didn’t post it was in the late 60’s that I was there. 66-69 I believe were the years I was there. That I had hoped that the children had made happy memories today…

All children everywhere should have been able to enjoy their Christmas/Holiday parties at school and make the happy memories that the kingergarden class made at Pinewood.. Sadly, we have 20 children who won’t get to enjoy their school Christmas/Holiday Party or being in the plays that we used to put on every year for school. One year we did Oliver. Pinewood is big in the arts and we did a lot of drama, music, and art classes. We always were performing for our parents in plays….

I am 54 years old this still doesn’t make sense to me and I am still sorting out my emotions. Can you imagine how a child is going to sort this terrible shooting out? Unless your child lives in a bubble he has heard about this event.. Please give your child a hug and tell them you love them and try and help them to understand. Not easy as adults don’t even understand…

Please don’t just assume your child isn’t effected.. I was 12 when Kent State happen and I believe that is part of the PTSD I suffer. Children are effected when things like this happen and people are killed in cold blood and they see it on the tv…

Will end with the Beatles here comes the Sun. The Pollyanna in me always likes to think the best and believe that maybe people will understand that LOVE is the answer. If you love people you don’t want to hurt them..It is when you demonize them or dehumanize them that you can hurt someone. Let us allow LOVE to heal us and the children.. Let us hug each other and comfort each other through this. Let us come together as one nation.

Here comes the Sun



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Crosby,Stills, Nash, and Young- Ohio

    I realized that young people do not know about what happen at Kent State. Those in my generation know exactly what I am talking about when I say I remember Kent State and it left its mark on me as a youth. It isn’t the only reason why I don’t trust the American Government, but ONE OF THE MANY REASONS. Let’s just say it was the first and then add how my dad was treated in 72 ( 2 years later) and how I was treated when I asked a Congressman for help added to the lack of faith and trust I now hold the American Government.

    Back in my youth, people didn’t think kids could get ptsd from watching horrid events unfold in front of their eyes either in person or on the tv news. Watching my hero get murdered in 68 was one of those events. I saw it happen unfold as it was happening on tv, as I was watching the results of the Primary that year in CA as I had worked hard to get adults to vote for him. I remember screaming. To this day I refuse to watch anything that happens on the last day of his life. I saw it once, and I REFUSE TO EVER SEE IT AGAIN.

    So when I say children will be effected by what happen in CT, I say it as someone who has experience… Difference is that Kent State was carred out by the American Government under Nixon. I don’t care what anyone says, they wouldn’t have fired on students without orders from the top…

    Please help your kids deal with the emotions they feel and not just ignore it and pretend that they aren’t feeling anything.. Because they are feeling something and trying to make sense out of it all.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    Playa Del Rey Ghost town.

    Part of the ptsd, is because the place I lived at from the time I was born until 1966 is gone now. The airport took it over and even though the neighborhood fought the airport won and between 1966 – 1972 destroyed it.. It is all gone. It is like a bomb destroyed it all.

    Happy I found the video because even after all these years there remains signs that happy families lived there. One kid Gary wrote his name in a sidewalk in 1966. Retaining walls and sidewalks are still there that haven’t been walked on since the fences went up to keep people out. Our street lights that Kathy Johnson and I knew to come home to are all gone except a few remaining ones. We lived on Ridge Ave. one block from the ocean.

    Most people can go back and visit their childhood home, but I can never visit it again… We were a happy family there. It all fell apart when we moved away from there. Yes, I had my horse in Los Altos Hills and happy times, it wasn’t the same. My dad didnt’ have his sail boat and my dad loved sailing. We didn’t have the yacht club and the beach club.

    I understand how people felt who had their homes destroyed by bombs in WWII. One day you have a home full of love and the fellowship of great neighbors and know love, laughter and good times and the next day it is like dust in the wind. It is GONE FOREVER. Unless you have been through this, you can’t understand how I feel or anyone else feels whose home is destroyed by outside forces.

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