11 Dec 2012


Good morning.  Hope everyone has a great day.


Let it snow- Rod Stewart

He has a great new Christmas cd out this year.  So I thought I would play a few of Christmas songs.


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Great song too.  Dolly Pardon is a Country singer I really like, so it is great that they sang a duet together.

Almost hate to ruin the good Christmas spirit by talking about Political items, but I have always been a very Political girl, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone, lol.

One of the problems I see with Political Leaders today is that they don’t lead by example.  They talk a good game but it is all words of let us find a way to come together and work together, but very little if any action of actually bringing us together.  We have enough Leaders who only use words and no examples of people actually coming together to work as one on problems that face all of us.  Some of us believe in leading by example and need help in speaking up..  I write better then I speak…  I would be happy if there was some way that men and women who are political would realize that BOTH sides are part of the problem and NEED to be part of the SOLUTION.  That there are solutions to any issue facing us, but that both sides have to roll up their sleeves and come up with ideas and the other side needs to really listen and be open to ideas that come from the other side.  Instead we have people who only think of the next election and don’t really want to govern because that would take away an issue for the next campaign or give the other side a brownie point.  We must be willing to come together as one and work on the issues we must face as one.

We are supposed to be one country aren’t we?  Both sides sure don’t act like it…

Sadly because of the actions of both Dems and Republicans I have no faith or trust in the American Government.  I have very good reason to feel like I do.

Since I was 14 because the British Government saved the life of my dad because he was half British, when the American Government under Nixon refused to help him when he was in trouble in Asia, I have always loved and Respected the British Government and thought they were the best Government in the world.

I don’t feel that the American Government gives two cents about Americans and their stock answer to Americans in trouble who ask them for help in a fight, is  ” IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM.”.  To me that was telling my dad and I to go to HELL…  We are acceptable damage and don’t care about the pain and suffering people go through…  It is a pattern I see with the American Government.  So therefore whatever love, respect, faith and trust I had in the American Government under President Kennedy. He is the only President who gets President before his last name, went to the British Government at 14.

I have the Union Jack flying in my room.  Two Union Jacks and one small American flag…  I know people will attack me, but at least I am honest about what I feel and why I feel that way I do.  So I really don’t care what anger is poured upon me for having more love and respect for my British side then American side.  If you were me, you would feel the same way; so don’t try and make me feel guilty because of how I feel.

I don’t see any progress in the talks to reach an economic agreement… Both sides are to blame for that, but each side, instead of being honest, will blame the other side.  Instead of acting like true Leaders who lead by example and rolling up their sleeves and being honest with each other and the American people; they will continue to play politics and refuse to reach a good agreement that actually is a start at fixing the problems… No, they would rather play the game and use it for their own political gain and the political gain of either the Dems or the Republicans.

Need a song now.


One of the best bands of my childhood.. Happy memories of Southern CA when we lived in Playa Del Ray.


If someone is elected to office and they refuse to admit both sides are part of the problem and are now willing to really work with the other side to find solutions and to join forces as one government to work together as one team, then vote them out the next election.  Make your voice loud and clear that WE THE PEOPLE WANT REAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN REFORM, and will hold them accountable if they refuse to ACT.

Shame on both Dems and Republicans for bringing this country to the place it is now….

Hope everyone has a great day.





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    The Saint, part 1

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    Father dear father

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