Getting ready to go to the Doctor

Back from group and had a salad for lunch before having to go for my complete physcial.. Don’t looking forward to it, but it is life, so you just put a smile on your face and deal with it…

Group was good this morning and we had a good turnout.  We were talking about self-esteem and our body image of ourselves.

We are a divided country and that is the truth.  As I said earlier this morning, it isn’t right to condemn someone for telling the truth.  I know that this person made it seem like the whole problem was on Conservatives, but I think in real life that is not the case.  Conservatives come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are more like Conservatives in the UK, which is a lot more liberal then Conservatives in America.  I want to talk to this persosn first hand to clarify some of his thoughts before I will jump on him…

The problem of division comes from BOTH SIDES.   The us vs them mindset is in both Conservative Americans and Progressive Americans.  Progressives have attacked me for no real reason. Conservatives have attacked Progressives for no real reason.  Hate can be found in both Political camps.  I am hoping that if I ever get a chance to talk with this person in real life, that i will find someone who is willing to admit that his side is part of the problem too.

As it takes two sides to cause the problem of division it also takes two sides to be part of the solution of bringing the nation together.  This leads into my third point of leading by example.  He and his brother have a chance to show this nation that a Conservative based on the UK standards of a Conservative and a Progressive can come together and talk out our problems and find a solution so that we can join forces and work together to fight White Nationalism and White Nationalist hate.  If we can do come together in real life and join forces as one team against the evil of White Nationalist HATE, then we show that this nation can come together and work as one too.

I can help both him and his brother in their work.. I want to help them be the best men they can be and state their message loud and clear, to state the problems honestly and put forward soluitions… But most important I want them both to lead by example.  I have always believed and lived in my own life leadership by example and not just words.  We have to many Leaders who say the words but don’t lead by example.  I would rather be one who put example first over words, yet I know that I must have words too.

There is so much I could help them with, if they only gave me a chance.

We are at the crossroads, and so I hope that a Conservative and a Progressive can show the way of the two joining forces and working toward the greater good and moral imperative of fighting White Nationalist Hate.

I believe in the power of good over evil.. The power of truth over lies…  But most important I believe is the power of LOVE over HATE.

Let us strive toward peace and understanding between all of us.. Let us strive toward being part of the solution and not continue to be part of the problem.  And most important, let us find the courage to reach out and work with the other side, so that we can be examples of light in the darkness..


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