I am bored


There is nothing good on tv so just playing on the computer.  Think I will see if I can find someone good to play internet backgammon with.  Sometimes they just leave and then they get replaced by the computer and I always win against the computer..

Was trying to find the old American show name of the game on youtube as I thought I would watch one of the shows that were saved.  Really loved that show as it was exciting and had good actors.  Don’t like American tv now with all the reality show crap that is on.  One can only take so much of the real housewifes, american idol, the dancing of the stars ect.

I liked misson impossible too from the 60’s.


Wherever Love Takes Me-

Old song, but I really liked it, had the tape of that for a long time.  Cassate tapes aren’t used any more.

Someday I will meet the man who makes me feel like the words in the song..

Wish I had a horse I could ride and get some exercise outdoors… It is hard when my mother doesn’t like to be alone and pulls the I am to sick for you to leave me act.  My mother is an expert at using guilt to control me and make me feel like I am a bad daughter.



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    Grant Says:

    Love internet Backgammon.

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