7 Dec 2012


Today is Pearl Harbor day.  Today in History Japan bombed the United States at Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  I worry that the youth is not being taught History as much as they should.

I really feel that failure as a Political Daughter of the American Revolution in passing on the knowledge of American Government to the youth.. We have youth who can’t even name how many Senators there are, or who is the Speaker of the House, or name one right in the Consitution.  When I was active NSDAR, one of the many things we tried to do was to pass on to the youth the knowledge and love for American History and would sponsor an essay contest every year.  When I saw college students from South Boston not being able to tell how many Senators we have or who the Speaker of the House is, it make me feel like all the work we did as Daughters was a failure when it came to teaching youth American History and Government.

Those who know me or read my blog, know that my dad and I used to live in Massachusetts in the Boston metro area, so it really hit home, just how much of a failure I feel as a Political Daughter of the American Revolution in not passing on the knowledge of American Government or History to the youth…..


Now is the time

This song goes out to an old friend in MA.  Now is the time for you to face this girl and talk to me… I won’t yell at you.. I promise I will respect you and welcome you as a friend, if you will come and talk to me about White Nationalism and other important issues I need to talk to you about.

We aren’t getting any younger and this nation needs us to join forces and work together and fight against the evil of White Nationalism World wide.

I know together we would be an unbeatable force for good in this world… We were born for such a moment as this.  Let us find the courage to act and work together as one team….  I am still your special wing person who defends, protects, watches your back, and make sure everyone on your staff is serving your best interst.  You didn’t have that before and your staff did not serve your best interst.  I believe in you.  Please believe in yourself and how strong of force for good in the world that we would be working together in fighting the evil’s of this world, such as White Nationalism.

I am smart, I just have never developed my mind.   You can help on that front.  There is so much I could show you about life.  Yes, I can show you the ugly side, but I show you courage, strength, uncondtional love, respect and trust as a true and loyal friend.  I am a good soldier who don’t cry or whine, but does what I need to do.  You can protect me and keep me safe as I get the info needed and provide all the tools you need to fight and WIN…. I believe in you and I together, working as one can defeat the evil in this world…. Working together there isn’t any mountain we can’t claim… We will succeed if we allow the other person into our heart and life, so that we can begin the process of really fighting against White Nationalism and any other evil needs to be fought against.

We were born to fight against evil… We are warriors.  It doesn’t make you a weak man to listen to the truth so that you have all the knowledge and tools you need to fight the enemy.  Listening makes you a stronger man of courage and people will respect you even more for daring to try to fight against White Nationalism.  Don’t be afraid to face me… Please talk to me my old friend from MA.  Merry Christmas and I hope that next year we can talk to each other finally about White Nationalism and other topics….  There is so much I need to tell you.  I will talk to you only, as you are the only one I know in real life as a friend.

Love you always my friend




  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    God only knows- Beach Boys

    Watched Love Actually and so am playing this song as this song played at the ending of the movie when they were at the airport.

    Love Hugh Grant in this movie. In the end, he realized he was wrong to judge Natalie and he faced her and talked to her and made things right with her.

    Love Actually Love scenes.

    It is a great Christmas movie for adults. It is a classic.. Love is the answer and not HATE…

    Hopefully this Christmas people will feel LOVE and PEACE in their hearts.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    Great love song.

  3. 3
    chrisy58 Says:

    Another great song. Had this record when this song came out in the 80’s. We still had albums back then before cd’s.

  4. 4
    chrisy58 Says:

    Moon River

    Loved Audrey Hepburn. She was so beautiful and such a good actress. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a great movie too.

    Hope everyone is having a good evening. Bored so listening to youtube video’s. Think i am going to see Anna Karonia tomorrow, as I want to see it and I am supposed to go out and do something for my therapy….

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