54 is not old


Am I the only one in my 50’s and 60’s that feels that I am not to old to still fight for the battles and still think of that I am still a warrior?

I look around me and I see so many battles that must be fought, like fighting White Nationalism, and I still feel I can fight and must fight them.  Women are being brainwashed by White Nationalist men to think our only duty as women is to have lots of White babies and save the White race.  I honor motherhood and think that being a mother is a great calling.. Wish I could have met the right man early enough in my life to become a mother.  But I have a problem with young White women being taught that their only duty is to have lots of White babies…

Women being taught that their value in life is how many White babies they have leaves a very bad taste in my month…  Our value should not be measured by how many White babies we bring into the White race, but if we are a good person who has a good heart, mind, and has the strength and courage to stand and fight for truth, justice, honor, and against evil. To me the hate of White Nationalism is an evil that must be fought against.  It was evil in Hitler’s Germany and it is evil now. 

I have been trying for years to talk to an old friend about what is going on so that he can bring much needed resources to the fight. Yet, I feel maybe is the time to late?  I still have the passion and fire to fight for the values his father I believe stood for, and in my heart, I feel that his father would think my fight against White Nationalism and White Nationalist men is a worthy fight, and he would want to help in the War against Nazi Hate. Yet, I wonder if the passion and fire is still in my old friend?  Has he given up?  Or will he find the passion and fire that I loved about him and enter the ring again and join the fight against White Nationalism.  We need him badly to come out of retirement and to be the warrior that he once was.  Middle age is not old.  We still can fight and we can still win…

I tend to be pollyanna and only think of the good… So to me even at 54 I still think there is time and that I still have the strength, heart, and mind to fight the evil of White Nationalism and other important battles that must be fought.  I don’t ever give up.  Always have been that good little soldier who believes I must keep going and striving to do the best I can do.

There is still time, isn’t there?


Crystal- Stevie Nicks

Must keep believing that 54 is not to old to still fight…

I think I will be fighting White Nationalism until my dying breath…




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  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Getting ready to go to the store.

    Just wanted to add that we aren’t to old to fight, but that we are in our prime, as now we have wisdom we didn’t have before. lol.

    Not going to allow myself to fall into the I am to old trap…

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