6 Dec 2012


I had posted this in a comment last night so this is a repost, but I wanted to expand on my comments  this morning about this topic..  Please wake up to the truth White Nationalist women to how White Nationalist men view you as a woman.

Found this on VNN and wanted to respond so I am copying and pasting it here, so I can post my comment.

Western Culture and Women

Reading this article, I was reminded of a thought that I have had many times: are White women “Western”? The answer, I think, is this: they are not Western per se, only superficially. They are benign or inert beings, followers who will embrace whichever culture surrounds them [1]. (That’s not a slap at women, it’s merely an educated opinion).


[1] this is a big problem, since women are now senators, governors, mayors, federal judges, etc. and they make decisions which impact the lives of millions of Western people


The bold is added by me.

I am an old fashion woman, but I don’t feel being a woman should bar women from serving in Poltics.  One of my heroes Margret Thatcher who was a wonderful Prime Minster and leader of the Conservative Party was a woman.

This is one area that used to really bug me about White Nationalist men, their thoughts that women had no place in the political arena.  Hogwash.

There is a lot that the woman can do in the Political world.  I personally like taking a role of helpmate and helping a man be the best he can be, by gaining all the information he needs and making sure he has all the tools he needs to do what has to be done and come out the victor in the fights that one must fight… To encourage and inspire him.. To build him up with love and be his safe port in the storm.. To be his special wing person who defends and protects him and watches his back and makes sure that her man is being well served by those around him..

That is my choice.  Yet, someone like Mrs. Thatcher chose to take the lead role and was excellent.  There is no reason why an American woman someday can’t be President.  If Mrs. Thatcher was a great leader, then any woman can be a great leader too.

White Nationalist women, there isn’t anything you can’t be as a woman.  Please don’t let White Nationalist men make you feel that because you are a woman, that there is no place for you in the Political World.

Women should be active in the local level.. Who better to serve on the school board and fight for good education then mothers..  We are smart and can develop our minds just as good as a man.

I hope that you will not believe that we as women are not qualitifed to be part of the process of government.

I also wanted to mention another one of my heroes HRH Queen Elizabeth II.  She is Queen of the United Kingdom.  She might not be elected to office, but she is a head of state.  I love the Queen very much and wish her a long life.  Have always admired her….God save the Queen.
Jeff didn’t allow me to vote the time I was with him, because he like many White Nationalist men don’t believe women should be allowed to vote or take an active role in Government.  This article is a reflection of that attitude of women are not to be educated or taught that they can choose to be active in Government… We are taught are only duty is to have lots of White babies to save the White race.
I am old fashion and I value the role that we women can play and believe our role is important though different then a man.  Yet, we must be educated so that we can educate our children… To deny us a role in Government or even say because you were born a woman, you can’t vote, is very wrong to me.  So therefore I rebel, like I always do to what I consider to be unfairness.  I rose up against school authority when they denied girls the right to play real sports in pe class and had us march, and won… I rose up against Jeff and his CI/White Nationalist beliefs and left him.  I rose up against White Nationalism and am still working on beating them.  Like my heroes Margret Thatcher and HRH Queen Elizabeth II I am a strong woman who will fight against unjustice in this world.
Please believe in yourselves White Nationalist women… Delvelop your minds and believe that we women can be active in Government and make a difference for good in this world.  It is up to us to choose if we want to be a helpmate and best friend to a man involved in Government so he has all the tools he needs to be a great leader.. Or if we want to be like Mrs. Thatcher and be Prime Minister ourselves.  To American women, you can be President if you want.  Just because we haven’t had a woman be President yet, doesn’t mean that a woman isn’t qualified. 
It is about choice.
Progressives sometimes you make us old fashion women feel like we are wrong to have chosen a traditional life.  You are wrong to do that.  You are just as wrong to make us feel guilty for our choice of wanting to be a helpmate as White Nationalists are at making us feel guilty for wanting to develop our mind and run for Political Office or hold any career outside the home.  Two wrongs never make a right.
This is the time.
Please think about what I have written.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Back from pt for the wrist. Slowly healing and getting the use back, but still can’t make a palm…

    We are going to have cheeseburgers and Boston baked beans for dinner tonight.

    Hope everyone has had a good day and will have a good evening.

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    chrisy58 Says:

    When Christmas comes to town- Polar Express.

    Love to watch this movie with children.

    Hope everyone is having a nice evening.

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