I am worried about an old friend

Heard news from someone that I know is going to upset an old friend in MA. Now I am upset because I know he is going to be upset and I am not going to be there to help him deal with what is coming down the pike.. He doesn’t know it is coming down the pike, and when you love someone, even as a friend, you want to protect them, from emtional upset.

I know this person, his first response to this news will be to get angry and fight to protect his family.. You know fight or flight.  My old friend and I are alot a like as I was told.  It is true.. That is why I understand him and consider him a soulmate.. My first response is to fight too.  We fight when we feel threaten or someone we love is threaten.

I have always loved this friend unconditionally and only see the best in them, no matter what mistakes they make in life.  Never judge him and never will.  I get upset when I know he is upset and believe me he is not going to like this and it will be an emtional bombshell.  I wish this other person didn’t share this news with me last night, because I am not here to help my old friend from MA who I am trying to restore a friendship with to deal with this bombshell.

I am one of the best friends my friend still in MA has.  Maybe someday he will realize the truth about me and see my true value as a friend and helpmate in life.

While others think of what is in it for only themselves, I worry about my old friend and what is best for him.  Never wanted nor ever will want anything for myself, except for him to face me and we talk to each other and work things out, so that we can come together and do what we must do for the betterment of the world. I would think that having a true and loyal friend like me who loves them unconditionally would be considered a great gift..

Yes, I am very upset because I know this is going to upset my friend…  When you have a friend who you know is going to have to face something that is going to upset them and cause them emotional pain, don’t you get upset too?

Isn’t that what love is about?

Yes, I love this person  and always have as a friend, inspite of everything.

I believe in this person and always have.. Believe that together we could achieve a lot of good and fight against the evil of White Nationalist Hate. To stand together and to help each other develop our minds so we both believe that we are smart people.  I know with love he could be built up to be the great man he was born to be.  I know with love I could be built up to be the great woman I was born to be.  Isn’t that what friends want for each other?

If JK reads this, I really need to talk to you.




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    chrisy58 Says:

    I believe that love is the answer and that someday my old friend will see the truth about me and we will finally say the things that we need to say to each other. That we will work together to fight as one against White Nationalism and other evils in the world and show that a Progressive and Conservative (based on the UK) can work together to find solutions and to bring the solutions and actually solve the problems that we as a world are facing now.

    I will always be here for you my friend..

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