Was reading an article I wish I hadn’t read

I was reading the Daily Mail a British newspaper and they had an article where an old friend had commented and it made me very sad.  Hope she will find happiness and true love… She is a very nice person and she deserves the very best…. We used to ride our horses together and it is sad to me that things ended the way they did..

The other person she talked about deserves happiness too.  Even though I had problems with him, it was based on him not understanding the truth so therefore he not doing the right thing and talking to me… I still believe and have faith in this person, because friends never give up on friends.  How can I give up the hope that someday we will talk together one on one about White Nationalism and White Nationalists and other topics that need to be said?

I know I tend to see the best in people…

I hope the someday the three of us can find a way to talk things out and can end things on a good note.  I hope that someday they can talk things out and end things on a good note too.

They both are good people….


broken wings- Dougie MacLean

He is a Scottish singer who has a beautiful voice.

For a long time, some White Nationalist men have made me feel ugly because I had brown hair and brown eyes.  When I am sad, stressed, and feel that all hope is gone I eat.  For a long time I gave up hope.. Just survived the best way I could and that was sit alone in my room and eat.

Don’t have my horse Tia anymore to ride and get exercise and I like riding horses..

I bought some nail polish today and did my nails.  Part of healing from the abuse I have suffered in my life, I believe will be to feel good about myself again.  To start caring how I look and I will work on loosing weight and buying a few pretty clothes to wear and might even wear a little make up….  I think if I can start to feel pretty, even though I know I am not because of being told so many years I am ugly, that it will build my self esteem and maybe I can start to feel pretty again like I did in my youth.  Even though some White Nationalist men thought I was ugly, I had lots of guys in my youth who thought I was good looking… Not every man considers brown hair and brown eyes 2nd class to blonde hair blue eyed women.

Decided to put up the Victorian Christmas villiage as it might be the last Christmas my mother and I spend together.

Going to get a live Christmas tree in a container so that it will continue living after the season.

Want to look into getting solar lights too for the outdoors and try and bring some Green energy sources into the Christmas decorations.

Well, goodnight.

I wonder if I will ever be able to talk to my old friend about White Nationalism and other topics that need to be talked about… Value his thoughts and hope that someday he will find his way to come and talk to me and listen with an open mind.  So much want to end things on a good note..




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    chrisy58 Says:

    I need to hear this song now…

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