23 Nov 2012

Good morning.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Let it snow- Dean Martin

I love this song.  Also think Dean Martin has a beautiful voice.  Am to young but would have been able to sing a duet with him, lol


Winter Wonderland- Dean martin.

Love this song too.  Miss the snow, that I love.  This year will be another non white Christmas but maybe next year I will be in the UK or New England.  My last White Christmas with it snowing on Christmas was in Massachusetts.

That is enough of the Christmas spirit for now.

Will work some more on the Conservative Party USA Platform, we have the first section of Cleaning up Politics and number one under that heading is Election Campaign reform…

I think the second section should be Enviroment as that is a very important issue facing our generation of Americans, don’t you?  As Conservatives we have failed to make this more of an issue in the Republican Party… We have taken a back seat remained silent on such issues of mountain top removal mining.  This is an issue that I have spoken out against for years…

This is one issue that I have stood with The Green Party on. I believe as Conservatives who believe Mountaintop Removal Mining is wrong and a destruction of one of our national treasures, our mountains; that we should be willing and work with any other American who fights against this evil.

This party is not going to be a party of us vs them.. If that is your mindset then stay a Republican…

We have major problems facing this nation and if we are going to survive then we need people with ideas to bring forth plans to try… I want people who want to think of solutions to try and not just blame the other side… No more just pointing the finger at the other side and just talking about solving the problems but only kicking the can down to the next generation while doing nothing…. I blame both the Dems and the GOP for that.

There are honest people of all political views.  There are thinkers and people who come up with ideas to try in all Political Parties.  Those are the people I want to work with and come together with to think of solutions to try.  Our plans might fail, but at least we have to try them.  If one is not willing to roll up their sleeves and be part of the solution and finding new ideas to try, then I don’t want them in this party.

I am very much in reality and know that my Political Party will go no where, but it is a mind exercise for me.  It is mental stimulation….  I am a person who needs to keep my mind active.  To me staring my own political party and leaving the Republican Party is better then doing nothing and just allowing my anger to hijack me… This way I am using my mind and I feel like I am doing something usefull..

I have always believed in leading my example.

Remember when I still was going to high school that for pe they had has march like soldiers.  No volleyball, softball, swimming, or any other real sport.  This was in 1973 and I felt that girls should have the chance to play real sports like the boys.  So I made a deal with the teacher that I would run laps as my PE, instead of marching like a soldier.  The other girls would ask me why I chose to ran instead of march and I would calmly tell them.  I noticed that more and more of the girls joined me in boycotting the class for running laps as PE class.  One day they decided we could play volleyball.  I went to class again and the teacher asked why I was there, and I said Volleyball is a real sport. I was seen as a threat by the powers to be in that school….  I think that is one reason why what happen later on that year happen to me.

I am a self taught person.  So even if this is nothing more then a Political Science project then so be it.  It shouldn’t bother anyone else that I choose to use my mind to form a Political Party of my own to force myself to think and come to my own conclusions on issues and not just parrot what I am told to believe by White Nationalists, Republicans, or anyone else.

My father used to tell me about Thomas Edison and said he didn’t do well in school either.. That I was not stupid as Thomas Edison was not stupid.  We both didn’t fit into the square peg that schools in this country want every student to fit into.  I think if he is anything like me, we get bored easily and if our mind is not stimulated in school we act out.  Instead of them looking at our potential to come up with wonderful ideas to try, we are thought of as the out of control child, problem child, and rebel… Sad…

Being self educated doesn’t make one stupid.  A lot of great men and women in American History were homeschooled.

So people go ahead and twist things and make it look like I am looney because I would dare to think outside the box.

My forming my own Poltiical Party doesn’t hurt anyone, but helps me to sort out my thoughts.  So twist things to make me look bad; because I am used to the harsh judgment, the gossip about me, and all the other lies and half truths that people believe about me.

My real friends and people that are worthy to be my friends come and talk to me and find out why I do things.  Like the girls in my class, they don’t just judge me but come and talk to me…  You might just find that I am a very sane person, but that like many creative people that have walked this world, we are misunderstood.

Feel free to post ideas of what you would like the Conservative Party USA to contain in its platform.  I like interesting discussion and I love Politics.


Jumping Jack Flash- Rolling Stones

Have a great day.






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    chrisy58 Says:

    Posting this because I find it very educational and I hope people will listen with an open mind.

    The environment is very important to me. I can remember being mocked by some White Nationalists because of speaking up and trying to get people to put the environment higher up on their list of important issues.

    Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

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