Where were you?

I know my older sister remembers where she was when we all heard the terrible news that President Kennedy had been shot and then later told he had been killed.  I was five 1/2 so I was home or in kindergarden…

I knew he was our President and I remember him.  I liked him, as he liked children and I believe he really wanted us to have a good future.  I looked at him as the father of our country because like a father watches over his children, President Kennedy watched over the nation.  He is the last President I believed that about.  Maybe that is why he is the only one I put President before his last name?

I know loving a Democrat doesn’t go over to well with my mother.  Yet, I was five years old and he was President and I liked him, so what are you going to do?

One day he was there watching over us and the next moment he is gone forever… I remember the images on tv as the whole world watched, but I didn’t understand all that happen as a five year old.  All I knew was he was gone and the country has missed him every day since he was taken away from us.

I just want to thank him for being alive while I was a small child and planting his seed in me.  Yes, like his brother he planted a seed in me.  I believe he planted a seed in all of us children…

The seed President Kennedy planted in me was a love for American History.  On 4 July I always play his recording of him reading the Declaration of Independence that he recorded before I was born.

He also planted courage to do what has to be done in life, even if it means a risk to your own life.

If you would like to post your memory of him then feel free to leave a comment, but I ask only good memories be shared.  Any attack or insult will not be posted.



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