No Longer a Republican

The site was working this morning, so I was able to change my Political Party to No Party Preference.. They didn’t have Independent and we haven’t created a true Conservative Party yet.

I can’t believe that I am the only one who is leaving the Republican Party…

There has to be others who have finally had it and have left or who will be leaving in the near future.

Instead of signing petititons to leave the Union, why not leave the Republican Party and start a true Conservative Party?  We need to fight for real election campaign reform that includes third parties in all the debates and puts them on an equal playing field… There is nothing in the Consitution that says the only Political Parites have to be Democrat and Republican….  If the Republican Party no longer is a true Conservative Party then we have the duty and right to form a new Party that does reflect our values..

I admire the people I have met in the Green Party here in AZ.  They left the Democrat Party for some of the very same reasons I left the Republican Party.  They couldn’t take the LIES and CORRUPTION anymore.  They are honest and hard working and every year they gain more political power then the year before.  The Greens had their first Primary in 2010.  They have more candidates running for local and state office.  They are included in the debates for state office.

True Conservatives can follow the same blueprint.  Maybe they would work together with us as we work together with them for real election campaign reform that would give third Parties like the Green party and a Conservative Party a fair chance to win local, state, and federal offices.. To be included in every President debate and to be allowed to have a candidate from our parties run for President in all states.

We know that both Dems and Republcians don’t want true Election Reform.  They like the rot and corruption because it helps them keep the power that they hold over the third Parties like the Green Party and a new Conservative Party if we can find the people who have the courage to leave the Republican Party and be part of starting and working for a new Political Party…

It is better to put our energies into something productive then just to sign a petition to leave the United States.

It takes courage to leave the Republican Party or even the Democrat Party for a third Party like the Green Party or a new Conservative Party.

Dreams- Stevie Nicks.

Still in a Stevie Nicks mood

Will write more later.



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