Glad I went to the Memoral Service for Dianne

I miss the snow.  So I posted this picture.

It was a nice service and was glad to see a lot of the neighbors show up.  Dianne was a great lady and we miss her.  Am so happy that they took a trip back to MA and got to see Cape Cod again.  That was the last trip they were able to take before she got sick.  We used to talk about going back to MA again and she wanted to see it again before she died; so I am really happy she did.

She loved the dogs in the neighborhood.  Benji would sit on her lap and she really enjoyed that.

Glad I had a chance to know her.  Will miss her at the Republican club meetings as we would go together.

Fly me to the moon- Frank Sinatra

This was the music of Dianne’s generation. So it is fitting to play the music that she enjoyed when she was young.

In the mood- Glen Miller

Phantom of the opera-all I ask of you

This was one of Dianne’s favorate Opera’s too.

We shared a love for all music.  Opera’s and ballet’s she loved as much as I do.

Goodbye, my friend and neighbor.  May you no longer have any pain.  We miss you and love you always.




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