17 Nov 2012

Good morning.  Need to vent about my mother.  She makes me feel  like a prisoner, thus the picture of a girl in chains looking out the window and having to watch others enjoy life and not being allowed to enjoy life as she would like.

My mother and I are at odds again. I was honest and told her I was planning on
going to the movies by myself to see Twilight that I have been waiting for to
see, and she goes on about how if I am going to go see a vamphire movie that she
is not going to live with me anymore as she doesn’t want to live with anywone who is
a vampire or likes vampire movies and books. She is crazy.

She accuses me of being crazy and has lied about me to people for years; when I am the one telling the truth.  One isn’t insane because they like Ann Rice or any other writer who has written books about vampires.

Lots of people like vampire movies and books. Are they weird and crazy for liking
vampire movies and books too?

Dracula is a best selling movie and book…

This is what I get for being honest and saying I am going to a movie by
myself, instead of saying I am going shopping.

First she accuses me of meeting someone there at the movie as who goes to a movie by themselves? A lot of people go to the movies by themselves if there is something they want to see and they can’t find someone to go with them….

I may be going back to Kansas before March….

When I leave here I have decided to move back to
Kansas. I like it there and the cost of living is good. There is also culture
too if I want to go to concerts and lectures…

Thank you for letting me vent.

Last Thursday she knew I had to go to my pt in the afternoon and needed to have the car back her by 1:45 at the latest… I waited and waited and finally I had to call them and tell them my mother hadn’t brought the car back yet but would get there as soon as I could.  They come back I didn’t cause a scene and was told by the aide that my mother said she had the car all day long. Which I had told her I needed to have the car to go to my pt therapy that is on the calander and the same time every week as I hoped it would help her remember.  I try to be patient, but I am always made out as the bad one…

I really liked Dianne because I could talk to her about things and not have to worry about her blowing up in my face because I happen to tell the truth of where I am going…  It is very sad that I have a mother who I can’t tell what I am doing with, because when I am honest and say I plan to go to the movies sometime today by myself to see Twilight I have to go through WWIII….

Dianne liked Irving Berlin so here is an song for her.


White Christmas- Bing Crosby

No one sings this song like Bing.

We have one station that is playing Christmas music 24 hours a day so deal with a Christmas song from me, lol.

Will let you know how the movie was.  Been waiting a long time for this movie to come out.






  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Went to the movie. Twilight was great. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Went to the 10 am showing so there was no problem getting in.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    I ask that people pray for Israel, as they need our prayers.

  3. 3
    chrisy58 Says:


    I like this house. I like traditional 2 story houses.

  4. 6
    chrisy58 Says:


    I have a good friend that lives in Hope, so finding a place in Hope would be great.

  5. 7
    chrisy58 Says:


    Tescott us also an town I am considering. I remember when we visited Cousain Hester who lived in Tescott.

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