16 Nov 2012

Good morning.  I am posting this picture as I think this is a beautiful cake.

Can’t wait for the cake boss to start showing new shows again, as cake design is an art. The real talent is in making a beautiful cake that tastes good.

We must pray for Israel as they are having to defend themselves.  Rockets have been fired on them for years and they have not responded.. It is about time that they responded as every nation has a right to defend themselves against rocket attacks.  I also know that Liberals and White Nationalists in this country will not agree and will take the side of Hamas who have been firing rockets for some time.  They both are anti Israel.  If it was London or Washington that was the victim of rocket attacks would they continue to do nothing or would they defend themselves?

I used to think they would defend themselves, but now I don’t know the answer to that question.  I admit that there are things I don’t know.  If I don’t know the answer to something or if I am not sure what the topic of discussion is because I come to the discussion in the middle, I always say I don’t know.  It doesn’t mean I am stupid to say I don’t know, but means I am smart.

Layoff’s have started.  I could make a comment about Obama, but I won’t.  You all know how I feel about him and his lies and what a poor excuse of a man I think he is.

Part of my therapy is getting out more so I am to do two things this week socially so I am going to see the Twilight movie sometime this weekend.  Even if I have to go alone, I will do that as one of my things.  Looking forward to seeing the movie as the book was great.


All along the watchtower- Jimi Hendrix

I know some people don’t like the 60’s, but I grew up during those years and I felt it was an exciting time to live.  Great music, great fashion, and a great books and film.


Riders on the storm- The Doors

Another group I liked as a child.


Under my thumb- Rolling Stones

Can’t have music of the 60’s without the Stones.  Wish I could see them in concert this Dec. but they are already sold out.

Someday I will meet a man who is strong enough to put me in my place out of love…


Hey Jude- The Beatles

Will end with the Beatles.

Hope you enjoy your trip down memory lane, lol.

Have a great day.

Going to a memoral service this afternoon for a dear neighbor who is missed.  We had many good times sitting on the back porch talking about MA, where we both lived.  They lived in Amherst and I lived on the South Shore of Boston.  Both Republicans, which in MA is a rare thing, lol.




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