Do I have a sign on my forehead that says I AM STUPID?

On facebook I get an pm from this man from Greece.  We had chatted a little bit on the facebook chat this Summer.  I understand  he wants to come to the STATES, but I am not his TICKET HERE….

Here is the pm without his name:

you’re okay I like you.I want you.I imagine the rest of my life,to spend time with help me to come directly to your hause.I do not want money.Only one ticket from athens to you.I’ll come to you, and as soon as I begin to work, you’ll Back to return the money to give love
Your dream man


This upsets me, because how many American women is he doing this too?

I am not even going to respond to this.  Then that makes me a mean person, when I don’t want to hurt anyone, even someone who acts this way toward me.  I HATE being the bad guy!!!!!!

1.  This man doesn’t know me, he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Greek, Turkish or German so we had to use the english translation on facebook chat.  We have never met in person, nor ever talked on the phone or been talking on the computer for a long period of time.  How can he say he loves me or that he is my DREAM MAN?

2.  I am waiting for Mr. Right.  Haven’t been with a man since 2000 when I left Jeff.  So in Feb it will be 13 years.  My Mr. Right is not going to be someone from facebook who doesn’t know me, who hasn’t spent time with me in person, and who hasn’t looked into my eyes…  He isn’t someone who just wants to romance me for a ticket to America and to marry me for his green card.

Great his dream is coming to America.  Well, he is not going to use me to get here.

3.  I don’t even know if I want to stay in America.  I dream of going to the British Isles and think of moving to Skye.  With Romney I am starting to feel that there is hope and I might give America another chance.  If I do decide to stay in America then I would like to move back home to MA… Looking at places in Lynn and Scituate tonight on the computer.  Saw a couple of places on Haterly Rd in Scituate which is where I lived before near Minot Beach… Love it there.  There was an inn and resturant there on the beach but I think it was turned into Condo’s.  I moved because I couldn’t have a horse.  I loved Tia and miss her, but I should have stayed in Scituate and never moved to Marshfield.  But I can’t say that as everything happens for a reason and I guess it was meant for me to move to Marshfield and meet the people I met and go through what I went through…

I understand things are bad in Greece… But this is not the way to get to America.

Why is it that I only meet the frogs?  How many frogs do I have to meet before I meet my Prince?

Somewhere out there in the world there must be a nice man of my generation who would value the woman and would want me to be his best friend and helpmate in life.  Who see that I am a rare jewel who loves unconditonally and is loyal and not only has a good mind, but a good heart of gold, and courage.

I am so tired of the men who have no respect for women, who are players, who lie to get what they want, and pretend they love you when they don’t so that you will do what they want you to do.

I am old fashion, and I want to meet Mr. Right who I can submit and obey because he has showed me he loves me uncondtionally as I love him and is someone I can respect and trust.  Who will love, honor, and protect me as I will love, honor and obey him.  To strong willed so I need at least one person I will obey and stand up to me and be honest with me as I will stand up to him and be honest with him.  It is my choice to be in a traditonal relationship.

Mr Greece is not my Mr. Right.

The man who raped me when I was a little girl was Greek from Greece.  For a long time, I would stay away and not allow in my life anyone from Greece.  I decided that part of healing was to not judge all Greeks on the bad man who sexually molested me as a child, and so I talk to this Greek man on facebook and befriend him.

Then he pulls this crap with me.  Do I pull back from all Greeks again?  That isn’t fair, is it?  So I can’t do that.

Sorry for venting, but I have to wonder if there is any nice man out there who sees the true me and who would be happy and honored to have me in his life, to be my friend and lover?

Crystal- Stevie Nicks

Think I need to stick with men of Celtic/American heritage or British men only..  I know White Nationalists men will tell me I am racist, but that doesn’t make a person racist to want to be with their own kind and not have to deal with those who are playing games to come to America or any other game they play…  I am half British so there is nothing wrong with me liking British man…

Will have to find a nice way to write this guy and tell him not to bother me anymore.  Why do I have such a kind heart?  I don’t know, maybe the best thing is to just ignore him and remove him from my friends lists on facebook?  Yet, I want to be treated fairly so I must treat others fairly.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    I am sorry but this really upset me tonight. Tomorrow is group so I might talk about this. Why do men have to always push themselves on me with unwanted advances?

    What is wrong with wanting to safe myself for Mr. Right? Why do men just expect and assume that you are going to give yourself sexually or give them money when you don’t even really know them?

    Have always felt I was a throw back from an earlier time in History!! Never have belonged in the modern world.

    Any man would be lucky to have me as his friend, helpmate and lover..

    Is it so hard for men to understand that they can’t just demand things, but they have to earn our submission by proving to us that they love us unconditonally and we can trust them to protect us and to tell us the truth?

    Why do men tell women they love them when they don’t? How can Mr. Greece love me, when he has never met me in person and spent time with me? I have never looked in his eyes or he look in mine. We have never talked to each other and smile at each other because we are happy to be together. Or when we see that person am happy to be with them, that we forget all the struggles we have been through…

    I dont’ have a mean bone in my body and so sometimes because I am to kind.

    Maybe there aren’t men in my generation of baby boomers who can value a nice girl like me?

    I have always needed a protector… At 54 I wouldn’t think I would still be dealing with men trying to get me to do things I don’t want to do….

    Not going to give up hope that somewhere is nice man out there of my generation.

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