4 Nov 2012

Good morning.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Love this picture so I am sharing with all of you.  The Union Jack is such a beautiful flag to me and I look at it and I feel my British pride.  It is ok to have love and pride in the flag of your country.  I am half British and American so I do have love and pride for both countries.  I have both the Union Jack and the American flag in my room.  Thinking I will put up my big Union Jack flag..

Love flags so I love the Union Jack, the Betsy Ross flag, the Scottish flags and the Irish flags.  Still thinking of getting the Union Jack as my next tattoo over my heart along side the Scottish and the Betsy Ross flag on either side of it.   This will be my last tattoo as I like to have it where people don’t know I even have a tattoo.. Yet, to me a tattoo is my colors.  It last forever so always make sure that the tattoo you get means something to you.  I have on my right shoulder the rose (Jacobite symbol) which one of my ancestors Flora MacDonald always wore in her hair; and the sword over the rose to show we were good warriors and fought for what we believed in, even if it meant death or punishment.  Very proud of my MacDonald roots and having MacDonald blood run through me. We are one of the oldest clans of the Western Highlands.

So I want one last tattoo over my heart so it will be the flags of the countries I love and fight for.  I am also Irish so I would like to have something that stands for the Irish/Scottish, British, and American that is my heritage and birthright.  So I thought the flags that symbolize those four countries tied together in some way would be the design.  Need to work on it and then design it.  As I said no one will know I have this tattoo anymore then they will know I have the rose and the sword on my shoulder.


Highway to the danger zone.

Had a nice chat with a dear friend Julie yestereday.  We are very good friends.  People who know me in real life, know that once I love you as a friend in my heart you are my forever friend.  I will support you, encourage and inspire you, and stand by you until my dying breath.  I don’t turn off love and friendship like one turns on and off a light switch….

Very proud of you and am and will always be there for you and your family… Love you.  Stay strong and know that we are on the right side in fighting White Nationalism.

People who have never been involved with White Nationalism have no idea the danger we face for walking away and to be willing to tell what we know so that our knowledge is used to fight against White Nationalists from achieving their goal of an ALL WHITE HOMELAND.

Yet, we take the risk and continue to FIGHT because we feel it is a moral imperative.  We are willing to take that RISK, so that GOOD DEFEATS EVIL…

Everything will be ok my dear friend.  Remember when one door closes another door will be open and things will get better for all three of us and I believe we will be blessed for having the courage to the right thing even if it means we are HATED…

Here is a song for you my dear friend Julie.


That’s what friends are for.

Have a great day and feel better soon




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    chrisy58 Says:

    Julie asked me where I would like to move to someday. If I stay in America then I would like to go home to Massachusetts.

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