27 Oct 2012

Good morning.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Am planning to go to my friend’s grandson’s first birthday party later.  Have a beanie baby teddy bear that says Happy Birthday so they can always remember his first birthday. All children like stuff animals at that age.

I am starting to get excited now about the election.  Have always been a political girl and always will be.  Election night I will be up until the wee hours watching the results and praying that Romney wins my a landslide.  The Democrats in Sun Lakes will be watching and hoping for their candidate to win.  I always say may the best man win…

Lucky for us, living in Sun Lakes there hasn’t been any nasty dirty tricks played on the other side.  We have both Romney and Obama signs in the neigborhood and no one  has torn them up or set them on fire or beaten the person up for having a Romney sign like in other parts of the country that I have read about in the news.  We still respect each other here to choose the candidate they want and to have the lawn sign of the candidate of your choice and not have to worry about fall out or dirty tricks from the other side.

Feel hopeful that Romney will win.  Though it is still to early and a lot can happen between now and 6 Nov.  We need to get everyone to the polls and excited about voting for Mit Romney for President….

This election has been very low key for me.  Last election I helped a Green Party candidate with her campaign… Helped the Green Party gain a little more political power in AZ on a local and state level.  This year, I have done none of that.

Who knows where I will be in 2014 and 2016?  Hope I am in Skye, Scotland by then and being active in Scottish/British Politics….  Still haven’t given up my dream of moving to the UK.


The Goodbye Girl-David Gates

Will write later after the Birthday Party.





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