Some Thoughts Regarding This Election

Beautiful car.. I love that car.

What has happen to Americans?

I read that Sen Harry Reid was in a car accident.  My first thought was I hope he is alright and say a little prayer for him.  I am not a Liberal Democrat and if we ever met in person we would most likely disagree on a lot of things, but I am still a human being.  He is still a human being..

On facebook some of my Republican friends were saying things like they hoped he died.. I commented that I thought it was wrong for them to say things like that.  It is wrong in my eyes for people to make nasty comments about another person, even if he is in a different political party when he is sick, injured or died.

Some might say I am Pollyanna, but I don’t think so, it is just being a class act.

Just because Democrats removed Romney signs or set them on fire, or any other dirty nasty trick they do, doesn’t mean Republicans have to wish ill on someone who was in a car accident.

We have the best campaign we can and beat Democrats fair and square…. WE beat them with the TRUTH, HARD WORK, AND FAITH THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LIKE OUR MESSAGE AND CANDIDATE BETTER THEN THEIR MESSAGE AND CANDIDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the venting, but I got very angry reading some of the comments from fellow Republicans toward Sen Harry Reid a Democrat…….

We used to be a country when Republicans and Democrats were friends… I had a Democrat friend in Marshfield who I rode horses with… Ronald Reagan a Republican and Tip O’Neil a Democrat were friends and used to exchanged Irish stories and have laughs after work.  During the day they would each fight in the political realm for what they believed in, but after the day was gone, would relax and developed a true friendship.  THIS NATION NEEDS TO HAVE THAT AGAIN.

There are times when we need to work together as a nation regardless of if one is Democrat or Republican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet, I wonder if we can do that in 2012?  I know we can’t do that under Obama with his LYING to us all the time, but I hope that if Romney WINS, that he will strive to take us back to the time where Democrats and Republicans could be civil to each other and even be friends after the end of a long work day.

I like Ronald Reagan and think he was one of the best Presidents of my life time.  Ok, he loved to ride horses like I do and he could tell great Irish stories, which endears him to me, but deep down he was a good man.  He had a good heart and he had courage.  We need a President with those qualities.  Obama doesn’t have them, but I hope Romney does.

Romney is from Massahcusetts and I believe he has a good heart, a good mind, and courage.  He is honest, and I believe he will strive to bring the country together as Obama has ripped and teared us apart.

We need another good President from MA….

I ask all Republicans to say a prayer for Sen.  Harry Reid tonight who is recovering after being in a car accident.  It is the morally right thing to do.  We need to start showing compassion for others.. NOT JUST THOSE IN OUR OWN POLITICAL PARTY, BUT ALL PEOPLE.

If I get nasty comments for standing up for Sen. Reid, then so be it.  I have been verbally abused my whole life for defending Democrats who I thought were being treated unfairly.  I also stand up for Republicans who I feel are being treated unfairly and am not afraid to tell Democrats that they are wrong too.  I try and be FAIR AND HONEST WITH EVERYONE.

Hope you recover quickly Sen. Reid from the car accident.

Here is a song.

Stand by me- Micky Guilley

In the mood for a little country.

Have a good night.




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