26 Oct 2012

This quote came from one of my facebook friends.  Posting it here because it is true.

Good morning.

Pt went well yesterday.  My wrist is getting stronger.

Please pray for Glenn and Dianne, the sweet couple I was telling you about yesterday.  They could use your prayers….

Back to the quote.  Some people run from their mistakes and never face them so as to learn the truth and make the changes needed to make them better people.  We all make mistakes. I make tons of mistakes, but I admit to them and try to learn from them and do better.  No one is perfect.

Don’t judge others as I don’t want to be judged.  Have known some really harsh judgment in my life by people who judge me without even talking to me first.  It is hard because I don’t know why I am being treated and judged so harshly.  Tell me, and give me a chance to face the accusations as I try and give others a chance to explain and defend themselves when faced with hearing or seeing bad things said or written about that person.  Let us always strive to be fair and honest.

Last week in group we took a personality test.  I have an agreeable personality.  I like people and seek to please people.  Easy going and go with the flow.

I have learned how to put up a wall to protect myself as I am to trusting of people and always end up hurt because I believe the lies they tell me about being my friend and wanting the best for me, only to find out that it was a con job…

The problem with building walls to survive the pain of being hurt is that it not only keeps the bad out but it keeps the good that you want in your life out too.  With therapy I am learning how to build bridges and not walls.

Working on finding the pictures I want for a vision board we are doing next week.

Hope everyone has a nice day.

Haven’t decided what to fix for dinner yet. Maybe chicken and dumplings?




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