25 Oct 2012

Good morning.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Monster Mash

Get us in the mood for Halloween.

Have always loved that song.

One of my neighbors is going through a rough time so I am going to make some cookies to take to him.  His beloved wife and helpmate for many years is not doing to well… Don’t know how much time she has to live, but it is really hard on him, as he misses her so much.  Right now she is living in a group home and it is hard for him.

So that will be on my to do list for today is to make the cookies and take them to him and then pt in the afteroon…

I love and adore this couple.  We both lived in MA many years ago and are Republican.  Which for Massachusetts is a rare thing. lol.  They loved the Cape too.

I am so glad they took a trip back home to MA a few years ago before she got sick..  Know how important it was to her to see MA and Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard one last time…  I hope to see MA and Cape Cod and Maine one more time too.

Will write more later, as I need to get to the store and get the stuff to make cookies this morning before Pt.

Will end with this song.


Purple People Eater

To stay with the mood of Halloween




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    chrisy58 Says:

    Got the cookies made and took them to my neighbor. I feel really sad as I really adore them and she isn’t doing very well. He gave me a picture of her and wants me to remember her as she was.

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