23 Oct 2012

Good morning.  Happy Tuesday!!

This week I have to focus on future goals as next week in group we are making a vision board.  I know one of my goals is to be in Skye, Scotland….

I have Scottish mags, so I will cut out a picture of Skye so that I can put that on my vision board.

Have always loved animals… Loved working with horses, so I would love to have a horse again that I could ride.  Good exercise for me and is good for my body, mind, and spirit.  Just renting a horse is no fun as you are only allowed to walk and if you are lucky a trot.  I like to be able to walk, trot, and cantor, or even gallop..  Love to ride English and not Western so having your own horse you can ride the style you want.  So will find a picture of a person riding English and maybe even jumping, as I used to ride Hunter/Jumper.

Of course I would love a place in the country where I could have my horses, gardens, and is near water.  An older place with character.  Love Historial places with History…

At the same time I love to educate my mind and need mental stimulation or I get board, so to be able to go to different cultural events such as lectures, concerts, the ballet, and plays.  So maybe a flat near London that I could go to for a few days when I want to be in the city.

This is a wish list, not a fact list.

Remember as kids the Sears Christmas Catolog, it was a wish list and I would look at it for hours and entertain myself… This vision board is like that for me.  It is a wish list and I will start working to make some of it to come true….. It is the carrot that I am striving for and keeps me going through the pain I have to go through now.

It is not easy to let go of dreams, hopes, and even friendships or relationships with people.  To admit that they are not who you thought they were and you are only hurting yourself by hanging on to them…

That it is best to think of them as a book you have read and finished, so it is time to start a new book.. Some books last a long time and other books are small and can be read overnight.. Each friendship is like a book..

I am opening myself up to the new friendships that will come into my life. Keep the old friendships who are true and loyal friends who love me unconditionally warts and all as I love them.

Some friendships like my friend Nanette and Julie we don’t see or talk to each other much, but the friendship is still strong and when we meet again we pick up right where we left off.  That is the books we treasure the most and keep forever.  Like my Jane Austin books…


true colors- Phil Collins


Follow you, follow me -Genesis

Have a great day.

Going to help a friend out this afternoon, because that is what true friends do for each other. When one friend is in a jam they help them out.  If you refuse to help a friend who asks for your help then you don’t know the meaning of friendship and are not a good friend to anyone.

My mother and I just had another scene.  One of the things we are doing in group is teaching me to set boundries.  I am 54 years old she does not have to know everything I am doing or what I am at 24 hours a day.. She doesn’t get total control of my life anymore.  She can’t stand it to loose total control over me…

People get mad at me for allowing my mother to treat me the way she does.  My father rasised me that I must honor and love her no matter what she did or said to me.  I didn’t always have to like her but I was to honor her.  So I do honor her, but she must let me have time to myself that she doesn’t know what I am doing minute by minute….




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