We had a good group this morning.

Love this picture.  Getting us in  the mood for Halloween/Samhain.

Made it to group, though there were only two of us.  It was very productive….  We did a personality test and talked about our role in the family…  Next week we are going to do a vision board, so I will think about my future goals.

They were really happy that I had finally been able to let go of my old toxic friendship from Marshfield, that was holding me back… I do feel better and am happy that I can embrace for the new to come into my life… I am free of that chain…

It is like having a bookcase full of old books that you have read already and you have to clear the old books away so you can bring in new books that you haven’t read yet.   So you donate them to the library so they can sell to raise money and then you can buy new books….  I made a place for the new……

Making pork chops for dinner tonight and have them in the crock pot.  Going to have stuffing with them.

I like to learn new things and educate myself…


Living with Fracking in Washington, PA – Moms Matter 2012 “Swing

Obama speaks in favor of fracking and supports fracking.

It is my understanding that Fracking is not a good thing, so I guess his support of FRACKING is another reason to vote against Obama.

Still have a lot to learn about this topic.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday






  1. 1
    Gar Says:

    a quick hello to say we arrive in UK safely, moving up to Scotland in the next few days.

    Be well.


  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    I am so happy to hear from you. Went to write you an email as I thought I saved your email address and it wasn’t there.

    Been thinking of you and your family.

    Am so happy for all of you.

    Best wishes

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