22 Oct 2012

Good morning.  This picture is from Cape Cod.

We moved so our PTSD Group is meeting in a new location this morning.


Crime and justice speech

Monday 22 October 2012

Transcript of the Prime Minister’s speech to the Centre for Social Justice

Two weeks ago, I spoke about this Government’s mission: to build an aspiration nation, where those who work hard can get on – and no one gets left behind. A stronger private sector. Welfare that works. Schools that teach.

Today I want to talk about another, critical, part of helping people to rise up and that is confronting the crime and bad behaviour that holds so many people down.

Go to some neighbourhoods in our country and you can feel that aspiration is dead. Children learning from a young age that life is about surviving, not thriving. Gang leaders as role models, drug dealers as career advisors. This doesn’t just matter to the elderly lady with five bolts on her door or the woman terrified to walk home in the dark. It matters to all of us.We will not rise as a country if we leave millions behind and write off whole communities.

So today I want to tell you about our approach to crime and justice – and the bold, unprecedented action we’re taking.

For many people, when it comes to crime I’m the person associated with those three words, two of which begin with ‘H’, and one of which is ‘hoodie’; even though I never actually said it. For others, I’m the politician who has argued frequently for tough punishment. So do I take a tough line on crime – or a touchy-feely one?

In no other public debate do the issues get as polarised as this. On climate change you don’t have to be in denial on the one hand or campaigning to get every car off the road on the other. Life isn’t that simple – so government policy isn’t that simple. And yet with the crime debate, people seem to want it black or white.

Lock ‘em up or let ‘em out. Blame the criminal or blame society. ‘Be tough’ or ‘act soft’.

We’re so busy going backwards and forwards we never move the debate on.

What I have been trying to do – in opposition and now in government – is break out of this sterile debate and show a new way forward: tough, but intelligent. We need to be tough because the foundation of effective criminal justice is personal responsibility.

Committing a crime is always a choice. That’s why the primary, proper response to crime is not explanations or excuses, it is punishment – proportionate, meaningful punishment.


For the rest of the Prime Minister’s speech you must click on the link..


I wanted to write  about people who are mean and make nasty comments to friends because they hold a different political view or vote for someone they don’t like.  Both sides do this…  I have had friends defriend me because I am not for Obama and think he is a terrible President…

Last night a friend I know in real life that I met when I was still going to EPIC here in AZ, and who I still have as a facebook friend posted that he had been blasted because he is voting for Obama and is a Progressive… I responded that I was sorry as that even though he and I don’t agree on all issues that we have always showed respect and talked to each other as adults… That he was a good man and he had a right to come to his own conclusions about things without being made to feel that he is wrong.

I have a right to vote for Romney and he has a right to vote for Obama.  That is how things happen in a free country.  Each adult voting for the person who they think is best.

It is wrong when the Obama supporter blasts the Romney Supporter and calls him all kinds of nasty names or defriends him because they feel that they must cast their vote for Romney…  It is just as wrong for a Romney support to make nasty comments because someone is voting for Obama.

What has happen in this country where we no longer can have true debate of ideas without the personal nasty attacks on the other side?

Tonight’s debate will be on foreign policy, but it won’t be a true debate where the men exchange questions and answers to themselves… We have biased media people who ask the questions and there is no real discussion between the two candidates with true ideas….

I have said for years that we need to change the way the so called debates are handled in this country.  If you want someone who is for Obama and spins the debate in favor of Obama then have someone fair and balanced like Bill O’Reily handle the next debate.  But of course the Left would never agree to Bill O’Reily being the moderator of a debate between the two people running for President, even though he would me much more fair then all the other moderators we have seen this year.

This is a very important election.

I pray people will vote for Romney…

I have made my decision based on what I think is best for the country…  Having a liar in the White House and head of this nation is very BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honesty should matter… Leaders should not be able to get away with LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my choice and you Obama supporters have a right to your choice.  You think I am wrong and I think you are wrong for your voting the way you choose.  Let us have a fair and honest election.  No dirty tricks.  No Black Panthers trying to keep White voters from voting.

Have a great day.




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