I am doing ok

I am doing great.  Have made a lot of progress in letting go of the PAST TOXIC FRIENDSHIPS.. How can one be friends with someone who doesn’t CARE for you as a person or even care about the friendship?  You can’t and you are left feeling frustrated because you alone are trying to fix things and the other person doesn’t care enough to even talk to you….

Looking toward the future and looking forward to the NEW that can enter my life, now that I have faced the truth about J…


I will be there for you- Michael W Smith

I really like Michael W Smith and listened to him a lot when I lived in Salina.  He has such an interesting story.  He was a herion addict and changed his life around.. His music has such a strong message.  It always inspires me to look forward and to think I can overcome the struggles in life.

We all have to face the reality of our childhood dreams dying and facing the truth that some heroes are not the heroes we think they are and let them go…

Just because I had to remove two of my heroes from the list, I hope you as White Nationalist women are thinking of your heroes….

Now, I know Americans consider those who came over on the Mayflower American but they are ENGLISH.

Massachusetts was still part of the BRITISH EMPIRE so therefore they are ENGLISH.

The American Revolution wasn’t until 1776 so before that the people who lived in MA and the other Colonies were ENGLISH/BRITISH.

So my ancestors on the Mayflower who came to this shore and who are my heroes are listed in the British/English list…

Why are the Pilgrims on my hero list, because they had the courage to take a small ship.  For those who have never been to Plymouth, MA the ship is not all the big like one thinks of a big modern ship..

They risked their life to come to the new world.  Not knowing what was before them, they took the journey anyway…

Once they got to MA, they had to overcome the harsh living conditions and build a community and then expand and build other communities until they had built the Commonwealth of MA and the other 13 Colonies.

They had that English Bulldog spirit, that I am proud to say is a part of my genes as well….

On my mother’s side that came from the Mayflower they married English all down the line.  They were very proud to be English…

I know people think anyone White person who has pride in their bloodline and heritage is considered racist, but I don’t buy that…. It shouldn’t be racist to be proud of your family and ancestors.  It shouldn’t matter if you are Black, still take pride in your bloodline and roots.  It shouldn’t matter if you are hispanic, take pride in your bloodline and culture.  If you are Asian take pride in your family tree.  Racism is being used much to freely and the meaning of the word is being twisted so that it doesn’t mean anything really anymore.

So yes, I am just as proud of my English side as I am of my Scottish/Irish side.  I even have 1/8 German in there so I am proud of that line too.  My great grandfather left Germany when he was 16 years old and came to Kansas and ran a small family farm…

How many people in the world today have the COURAGE of those who came over on the Mayflower?

Courage seems to be a quality that is getting harder and harder to find in people.  Sad..

I was emailing a friend and she was saying that the moral character that I talk about truth, honor, courage, valor, and having a good mind that values justice doesn’t exist in the world today… While that is true in that a lot of people don’t value those qualities, I an old fashion woman do value them and think they are very important to have… We must get people to value them again and strive to have the moral character that believes these qualities are important to society…

Any man that I would ever fall in love with and agree to submit and obey must have those qualities inside of him….

Do you as White Nationalist women have the courage to leave White Nationalism and take that first step in leaving?

Do you really believe in your heart that what you believe is true?

Do you really believe that White Nationalism is about love?

I hope that you will think on those questions..


Highway to the danger zone- Top Gun

Yes, it is a dangerous choice to decide to leave and then to join the fight and tell what you know….

Yet, if we don’ t have courage then we have nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may have a lot of things going against me, but I do have courage…..




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