To White Nationalist Women

Last night on youtube I watched a little of an old movie with Debra Winger called Betrayed..

Not everything in the movie is the absolute truth but there is a lot in that moive that is the truth…

I remember when it first came out..It has been many years since I have seen the whole movie…

Betrayed sceen # 8

We all have known people like the man in this movie who seems really nice.  Has a good heart who doesn’t hate anyone, but just want to live in peace and in the country he was born in.  Just work and raise his family, but who believes that he has to fight against Jews and Blacks in order to save this nation and his race from destruction…

They make you think they are just normal Americans who love this nation and our nation’s heritage.

The lies in that scene are the gun schools for children and women.. The whole time I was involved with the Christian Patriot/White Nationalist Cause there was NONE of that.

Yes, we gathered in New Orleans for the weekend and there was no guns and weapons or combat training.  There was speeches and good fun and fellowship after the speeches during the day….  We had a lot of fun drinking and partying… It was a time of meeting and spending time with friends and people within the Cause.  If anyone would have tried to have or even talk about gun training they would have been kicked out.  That is one thing David Duke always stressed was not talk of violence toward anyone….

I may not like him or White Nationalism but I am not going to lie on that front.  In fact we were told if anyone talked of committing violence that we were to stay away from them..

Just because White Nationalists can be fun people to be around and you like them and they make you feel welcome or they help you when you are in a jam, does that mean they are right?

We all have to decide what path we are going to take… Every single one of us must deside for ourselves if White Nationalism is a Cause that I can support as a woman and bring my children up to believe…

After years of being involved I came to the conclusion as I started to remember my heroes of childhood who planted their seed in me when they were alive that I could NOT support or be part of White Nationalism….  I woke up from the brainwashing and realized that I was not being told the TRUTH…

I know other women who came to the same conclusion and have left White Nationalism too.  Some just leave and slowly get their lives back, others fight White Nationalsim like I do, and others let White Nationalism destroy them.  They don’t believe in the Cause anymore, but they just pretend to, for the sake of their husband/boybriend and friends they have made that are within the Cause.  As they know that if they leave that like many of us, they will be looked upon as traitors to the Cause and the RACE….

It is not easy to leave and know that people you love are going to HATE you from that day forward…  That people who have helped you and you have shared food and drink and good times with will stop being your friends and comrades but will be your enemies who if given a chance might take your life…. There are risks for leaving and finding the courage to tell what you know as to stop White Nationalism from gaining even more power then they already have….

The question is can you live with yourself knowing that you are teaching your children to HATE others just because they are DIFFERENT than you?

Leave you with this quote:

“Where there is LOVE there is no DARKNESS” ( unknown )

Hate is DARKNESS whereas Love is LIGHT.. We all must choose which we want to focus on.  I choose LIGHT…

Here is a song:

Celtic women- Someday

The words are included.. I know many of you will be offended but I hope that you will really listen and the music and words will touch your heart as they do mine.

Southern Man- Neil Young

I will never give up trying to wake White Nationalist women up to the truth and leave you…



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