Tuesday Afternoon

haven’t decided if I am going to watch the debate tonight.  We will see.

My mother likes to accuse me of things I have not done which is sure joy…. So have had to deal with that today…

Listening to songs from the 60’s…


For What it worth- Buffalo Springfield

Have always loved this song….  My  mother and I have always been on different sides… Oil/Water don’t mix and never will… Why does she always have to think the worst of me, because I am not exactly like her?


Ohio-Crosby,Stills, Nash, and Young-Kent State ( 1970)

I was 12 years old… I will never forget when this happen…

This is just one event under Nixon that leads me to be angry at the United States Government… Shooting down students…Another example of our Government not considering us as human beings but disposal beings when they don’t want to hear the truth or what the people have to say regarding things that matter…

Nixon was a terrible man.  I know Conservatives in America will disagree and talk about good things that they think he did.  Tell me what good things?

I really want to know…

I know people think I was just a kid so Kent State didn’t effect me, but I was 12 years old and it sent a very strong message to me, as it did to all the youth that were young at that time…..

Even back then we were on different sides…   Yet, Nixon was not removed from office over Kent State was he?  But for his cover up in Watergate….  He was re-elected in 72 a full two years after Kent State.  Enough Americans voted for him even after 4 students at Kent State were murdered on his orders…. He was President and he should have had to answer for their deaths…. That is just the thoughts from the perspective of a 12 year old in 1970… I always felt justice was never done….

I have some rightous anger, and I am going to work very hard to channel that anger in postive ways…..


Joe Crocker-With a little help from my friends

Woodstock 1969

I was 11 years old, so to young to go, but I remember the great music that made Woodstock really special…


Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower

last of traveling down memory lane of music of the 60’s….

Ok I have one song in there from 1970…

I realize I am not the one with the problem but my mother is…  Am not going to let her get me down….  I am me and I will continue to do what I think is right…

It is just hard sometimes I can be doing my own thing and she bursts into my room with her anger and accusing me of taking an ear-ring and demanding to know what I did with it.  I have never seen that set of ear-rings so I don’t know what happen to them…..

It is like living with Mr. Jeckel and Hyde because am I going to get nice mom or angry mom who accuses me of things I haven’t done and always thinking the worst of me….

It is quiet now, so that is good, and I am in my room venting on my journal and listening to tunes with my headphones so I couldn’t hear her even if she was still screaming at me about her ear-rings.

I am a baby boomer I am not really into alot of make up and fancy jewelry.  People who know me, know that once in awhile I will wear ear-rings but that is going something special and I want to dress up, but day to day am not into jewelry so why would I take her ear-rings when I am not into jewelry as much as some girls are…..


The Doors – Rider in the storm.

Love the Doors.  Great song..

Thanks for letting me vent about my mother and Nixon….




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