17 Oct 2012

Good morning! Hope everyone has a great day.  Planning to shop for a new mattress today as the one I have is causing me to have back pains as it is old and needs to be replaced….

Didn’t dream of my old friend last night, which is good…. Sorted out I guess in my mind what needed to be sorted out so I would stop dreaming of him… Last night I was in New York City and enjoying a night out on the town…  He was no where in the dream, so that makes me happy….

I think one of the things I needed to sort out is to not let my anger turn to bitterness toward this person.. Have I been doing that?  A part of me thinks a little bit…. No matter what he did to me, I once considered him a friend and still love him as that friend I thought I had in Marshfield…..

Have always been a sweet person and can’t let my rightous anger toward him turn me into someone I am not… So hopefully now that I realize it I can find peace about the situation….

As I was walking Benji this morning ZZ Top was playing on the radio station KSLX that I listen to, so I will start your day with ZZ as they are a great band….


Sharp dressed man




La Grange


Give me all your loving

Hope you enjoyed the ZZ Top

Didn’t watch the debate, as I still have trust issues and don’t think either one of them tell the truth… So why listen to two men who are lying to me just to get my vote?

Didn’t meet any neighbors this morning, but like my facebook friends, I am sure the Dems thought Obama won and the GOP thought Romney won.  That is no surprise…. We will see what Independents think on 6 Nov 2012…

Have a great day… May write later if I have something to say or vent, lol.




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