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My mother and I went out to lunch today and it was an ordeal…Things finally settled down, but we are like oil/water and don’t mix… Don’t think that will ever change.  I love her, but we just can’t relate to each other.

My father and I got a long better and we could relate to each other.  It wasn’t always feeling like I was walking on pens and needles and heaven  help me if I said or did the wrong thing.  I miss that in my life of having someone I can share all my thoughts with and not be harshly judged or put down in words because they don’t agree with me.  We are human beings and not robots… Plus add my mother and I are from two different generations and you add to the tension between us.  My nephew’s generation is not my generation and my generation is not my parents generation.  Each generation has its own take on things.  That is the way it should be.

My generation loved rock and roll.  My parents generation was big band, and the younger generations have their own music that they listen too.  We had long hair.  Tatoo’s are popular today.  I believe each person must be free to explore and become the best they can be in their own generation and not be made to feel that something is wrong with them because they aren’t exactly like their parents or their generation.  Does that make sense?

It would be nice to one time going out to eat with my mother and not have a big scene….


Talked to one friend about going to the Oktoberfest tomorrow and will call another.  I know I am not giving them very much warning, but the one friend I talked to this morning, I invited her to the Scottish/Celtic Games this Feb. So she has plenty of warning for the Celtic Games.  It is more important for me to get to the Celtic Games this year..  Need to connect with my Clan.

Thinking of more of my heroes.  Will write about Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, who are two more of my heroes and men I admire.

We women must find the courage to face the truth about White Nationalism, leave, and then tell what we know so that the Good Guys have the information they need to stop White Nationalism from ever gaining POWER to bring their goals into reality.

I know White Nationalists tell you they are White Nationalists and do what they do out of LOVE.  That is a lie.  Their missage is full of HATE.

We must find the courage to shine the light of truth upon them.


Robert the Bruce


He embraced the Cause for Scottish Independence in 1298.   Following the barbaric execution of William Wallace in 1305, and the altercation at Dumfries in which his fellow claimant and cousain John comyn was killed, Bruce became King of Scots at Scone on 25 March 1306.

Edward I died in 1307 and seven years of guerilla War followed, but in 1314 the great English army led by Edward II was routed at Bannockburn.  King Robert I thereafter reigned relatively unchallenged until his death in 1329.

I admire Robert’s courage and not giving up.  When he knew he had to choose a side, he chose and wasn’t afraid to keep trying until he succeeded…. He didn’t quit, but allowed the loses to push him on and to try again until he won not only the crown of Scotland but a free and independent Scotland…

Are we as women willling to do the right thing and turn away from White Nationalism and start fighting against it, because it is the right thing to do?

I am and have been doing so for over 6 years now.  Still trying to achieve my goal of shining the light of truth so that an old friend from MA will realize the truth and join the fight and bring much needed resources and power to the battle against White Nationalism. Not giving up.  Can’t give up in fighting for my just cause as Robert the Bruce didn’t give up fighting for his cause…..

William Wallace was a great man too of courage and grit.  I like and admire people of courage and grit.

Here is a song with the movie Braveheart set to a song by Celtic Women.

Hope everyone has a great evening.




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