13 Oct 2012

Good morning.  Hope everyone slept well..  This picture reminds me of home ( New England).  Always have loved the Fall… Love the four seasons and waiting for the first snow fall… Always have loved snow…

When I was walking Benji this morning they played this song and another by Prince.. Can’t find the Prince song Rock and Roll Love Affair on youtube so can’t play it for you..


Hero- Mariah Carey

This song always gives me the strength to continue on the path I am on… It is not easy, but I believe my Cause of fighting White Nationalism is a just and noble Cause.  That someday the truth will come out and someone will realize the truth that I am not the one who lied to him and will decide to join the Battle against White Nationalist Hate….

Some might ask why do I still believe in him?  Fair question… I just do.. I know deep down inside is Honor, Courage and someone who values Truth, Justice, and is Wise….  Just have to find a way to bring it out…Plus add he is my friend and I will always believe the best in my friend who I love unconditionally… Then to top it off he is the only one who I have been formally introduced to and being an old fashion woman, I can’t just talk and approch someone I haven’t been introduced to can I?  Afraid he is stuck with me and I am stuck with him in working together on this very important Cause of fighting against White Nationalist HATE…. He is the only one at this point I feel comfortable talking to about White Nationalism and White Nationalists…….

Someday I hope he realizes the truth about me and will find the courage within to face me and talk to me about White Nationalism.. He could always introduce to someone who has his resources and wants to help women who want out of White Nationalism and willing to tell what they know to help in the fight against the evil of White Nationalism….  But because my old friend in MA is the only one who I know in person, he is going to have to be a starting point….. So as I said before I am stuck with him as my hero and he is stuck with me as his hero… Together I believe we could do what we were born to do and make a difference for good in the world by fighting White Nationalist Nazi Hate….

We I have been told are a lot alike… He of all friends I knew should understand my quest and why I fight White Nationalism like I do…. He should understand my very soul and value me as I value him…

How do I get him to believe in himself and to believe that he is a great man on his own right?

He is still my hero and I hope someday he will see me as I truly am and will think I am a hero too for fighting against White Nationalism and having the courage to tell him everything I know about the bad guys so he can stop them from gaining even more power in the world then they have already gained… Together we could make a difference in the Battle against White Nationalist Nazi Hate….

I will always be his wing person who defends and protect him, out of love for a friend.  I don’t turn love on and off like one turns on and off a light switch… My friendship and unconditional love is forever…. While I am his safe port in a storm, I know he isn’t mine… Yet, because I am old fashion and he is the only one I know in person and been formally introduced to, he is the only one I can talk to at this point about White Nationalism…. Maybe someday he will see the truth about me and decide to be my wing person too out of friendship?  I hope so…


Glory of love- Peter Cetera

Have a great day..

Might write more later and talk about more of my heroes…

Is anyone else noticing that I have only two Americans as heroes who when they were alive planted their seed in me from the time I was five to ten?  I will see if I can come up with another American or two…





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