Hope everyone is having a good day

This picture reminds me of riding on the back a motorcyle with my good friend Neil, when we were young and enjoying Summer.  We had so many fun times growing up….

We were good friends who understood each other and helped each other get through the years of growing up in CA and having to go through some bad things, that happen to us… Neil was in high school and in his junior year someone put drugs in his milk at lunch time and he had a very bad trip.. He didn’t come back to school.. I know what it is like to have someone put drugs in my coke at a high school party and just collaspe and not remember anything… Unless you have been through what Neil and I have been through, you don’t understand what we went through…

We were like Peter Pan and Wendy.. Great friends who understood the British side in the other person… We were never meant to be more then childhood friends.  I always like to end things on a good note, so I am so happy that Neil and I did that… I hope he married the nice girl and started his own family and they are happy…  I know he wished me that I would meet the right man for me and that I would too know the joy of being part of a happy family of my own…

Why am I bringing this up?  Might be because I dreamed of Annie another old friend of childhood.  Could be because I am wanting you White Nationalist women to think back on your life and your childhood heroes and friends..Would they want you to be stuck in White Nationalism?  Would they want you to hold HATE in your heart?

I know you believe the White Nationalist LIE that you are WHITE NATIONALISTS BECAUSE OF LOVE…..

I too was brainwashed to believe that LIE as TRUTH…..

On one level Neil and Annie would be sad of what life  dealt me, but on another level, I believe they would be proud of me for getting out, trying to get another old friend of my youth to help me, and be willing to tell what I know to that same old friend in MA…..Who I know deep down inside has HONOR and COURAGE INSIDE OF HIM…..

I hope someday this dear friend of mine in MA, even though I still have a little bit of rightous anger toward him, will find it within his heart to do the right thing and we can end things on a good note like Neil and I and support each other and have joy for the other and wish the other love, happiness, and good health of body, mind, and spirit…..  A true and loyal friend like I have always been to this person is a gift to be treasured… Neil understood that about me… He was my protector and protected me from bad…  I helped him overcome the effects that he suffered because someone put enough drugs in his milk to kill him….It took him a long time, but I helped him overcome and become the great man he grew into…..

Would your childhood and friends of your youth want you to be White Nationalist women and to teach your children to hate?  It isn’t LOVE when you lie about others for your own purpose…….


All I ask

I love the music in this show.

Someday I will find that safe place…. Someday I will meet the right man who understands my British side like Neil did and we can laugh and be a safe port in the storm for each other….

You not only have a duty to your children and future children to leave White Nationalism but to be willing to tell what you know.. Yes, it will take courage, but you must find the courage to do the right thing and stop them from gaining any real power around the world.  The Battle is not only being fought in the United States but worldwide.

Remember the slogan:


I hope you as women will decide to leave and join the fight against White Nationalism and Nazi Hate.



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