8 Oct 2012

Good morning!! Chose this picture as I think it is a wonderful picture of HRH Queen Elizabeth, who is one of my heroes…

She inspires me to be a woman of courage, grace, and wisdom by developing my mind and educating myself.  We both love horses and Corgis.  My Peaches was a Welsh Corgi Pembroke.. I love all dogs and my Benji who is a toy poodle is as loved and dear to me as my Peaches….

While I was walking Benji this song by AC/DC played so I will play it for you to start your day.


You shock me all night long

Have my ptsd group today.  Don’t know if we are finished with the topic of grief and loss.  Will post later when I get back.

I love the Union Jack.  Though I think the readers of my blog already knew that.

When I die I don’t want the American flag at my grave, I want the Union Jack…




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