7 Oct 2012

Good Morning.  Happy Sunday.  Hope you have a wonderful day.

Will start you off with some Sweedish Folk music.  I love the harp.. I am thinking about learning the Celtic Harp.  Harps are very expensive and then add the cost of music lessons… I can’t play the Fiddle anymore because of breaking two wrists and can’t get my hands in the position… I keep my Fiddle as it belonged to my dad first before I learned to play on it…. Maybe someday I can play it again?  The Celtic Harp is nice too and I know I could play it with my hands the way they are.  If I found my great nephew or neice inherited the musical side and wanted to learn the Fiddle I would give it to them…they have the Irish Flute that our ancestor carried in the Civil War for the Union side….



It is a very mellow song, and great for a Sunday morning.


Carolan’s dream- Celtic Harp


Fantasie- Celtic Harp


I have a friend who is moving to Groton, CT…  She just got back visiting it and she loved it, as I knew she would.  My dad’s cousain lived in Groton and we would visit there… Spent a lot of time there, and I like it there as it is near water… I love water and  like being near water… During the war my grandfather on my dad’s side worked at the naval base so during the week he would stay with the relatives in Groton, CT and then go back to Boston on weekends.

Glad she liked it…

Really love New England and miss it… Miss the ocean and miss the four seasons… Always loved this time of year and waiting for the first snow fall…


Song for Ireland- Alex Beaton

Love to hear Alex sing at the Celtic games…


rare ould times-Alex Beaton


My Cavan Girl- Alex Beaton


This year I am going to make a point of going to the Celtic games here in Phoenix.  They are in Feb…We hold ours in the Winter as it is to HOT in the Summer…

Have a Great day.





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