6 Oct 2012

Good Morning.  Love Owls..


The center of my heart- Michael Bolton

Dreamed of an old friend last night.  It is always the same dream of we talk things out and become better friends who work together on a project.  I guess it is my wanting us to do that, that comes out in my dreams….. The odds of it happening though are slim to none, so I guess our working through our differences is just in my dreams, lol.

I accept and will continue to try and move on without his help our friendship.. I am his friend and have always been a true friend to him, but he wasn’t a true friend to me… My head knows he is not worthy of my true friendship of unconditonal love for a friend, but my heart keeps on hoping that in the end he will face me and we will talk one on one and he will prove he is a true friend to me as I am to him…. The problem is how do I get my heart to go along with my mind?


Sara- Stevie Nicks





There are so many good songs to choose from.  Hope you enjoy Fleetwood Mac..

Have a great day…

Been thinking about another Hero I have, as I encourage you White Nationalist women to think about your heroes and if they would want you to be involved in White Nationalism and teaching your children to grow up to be White Nationalists.

One of the heroes of my generation is HRH Prince Charles…  I have long admired his work in organic farming and for the environment.  He is a very intelligent man, and I believe he will be a good King when the time comes….

We all have heroes, and my heroes are not going to be your heroes and your heroes are not going to be mine, but I think it is important for us as women to think on people who have lived or living, that we admire and who inspire us to do the right thing….

HRH Prince Charles has courage, grace, and stands and fights for what he believes in.  He is compassionate and has helped people not only in the UK, but around the world…  He is not proud or arrogant like some Americans I have known who instead of using their power and money to help others only think of themselves and are therefore selfish and are indifferent to the cries of those who are in pain and suffering due to abuse…..

HRH Prince Charles inspires me to educate myself and to develop my mind.  My brother in Law who is not living anymore told me that just because I couldn’t go to a real school doesn’t mean I am excused from learning that I must teach myself, which I have always done.  Homeschooling is a valid avenue of learning and educating yourself.  I love to read and had to overcome dyslexia( reversing numbers and letters) to learn how to read, but I did it and read all the time.  I tend to read several books at one time on different topics….

Who are your heroes?  Do they inspire you to improve your mind?  Do they inspire you to be active in seeking to make this world a better place for all of us?

Would they want you to fight the evil of White Nationalism or would they want you to believe in the White Nationalist LIES?

White Nationalism is a BIG LIE!!!!!!


I hope you will have an open mind and read and learn about all different topics and all sides to issues.. Don’t just listen to White Nationalist Right Wing media, but listen to all media… I have posted links to Ring of Fire radio on Saturday’s as Progressive media so that you can listen to another view point…..  No, I don’t agree with everything stated on that program, but the important thing is I am willing to listen with an open mind, as I want Progressives to show me the same respect and listen to me with an open mind….. I believe if we can find the way to talk to each other and listen to each other then we can find solutions to our problems that all reasonable people of all sides can agree to…..  We must stop this mind set of my way is the only right way and if you have another view you are evil and all the other bad names both sides call each other.


Link to ring of fire radio.  They are live today at 12 pm AZ time ( Mountain Standard time all year) When everyone is on standard then it is two hours from east coast time.  When everyone else is daylight standard then we are on California time which is 3 hours difference from East Coast time…

I did look at the line up and they will be talking about the debate, so it should be interesting.

We dont’ have to agree with everything or even very little but the important thing is to open our mind to a different point of view.  True education is to look at all sides of an issue and not just the side you agree with.  How can you truly be educated if you refuse to look at other points of view that challenge you?

I hope you will see the truth and leave White Nationalism behind.  As a woman do you really want to be part of White Nationalism?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6838wrnYhC0

Invincible- Pat Benatar



I am not giving up fighting White Nationalism!!!!!!!!!!!!  I believe very strongly that it is something that I must do.  Will continue to try and shine the light of TRUTH and EXPOSE YOUR EVIL…..

Have a great day..


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