4 Oct 2012

Good morning!  Hope everyone has a great day..

Go to PT later on today.

Now that it is cooling off at night, it is nice out in the morning before it goes into tripple digits, but it needs to cool off a lot more to suit my taste.  Everyone I met was talking about the debate last night.  All said that Romney won.  I didn’t watch as to me what is the point, they all LIE anyway, so why bother?  Will vote on election day for the person who I believe LIES the LEAST……

One of my facebook friends posted a picture of her daughter and her first horse.  I remember my first horse Jet, he was fast, and we would race on this perfect 1/4 mile path and Jet and I would win….  Love fast horses, cars, and bikes ( motorcyles).

Here is a picture of a nice one, it is a Norton.  Summer meant riding on the back of a bike and going fast… Good thing my mother doesn’t have a computer as she doesn’t know… Don’t share with her my thoughts or what I do when I am away from her….

Isn’t that a beautiful bike…  I love Norton’s…

I miss my Tia too, as she was also fast and had heart…  Would like to start riding again and start getting into shape. Riding is good for both my mind and body.  Now that it is getting into fall and Winter I may look into renting a horse and see if they would let me cantor and do more then just walk and trot, like a lot of places.

The picture they posted was so cute as you could see the love between the girl and her horse.


Wild Thing

I was and can be a wild one…

One of the best times I had was going to the motorcyle races at Laguna Saga with my friend Neil and his dad.  They were British and they understood me… When I flew back into CA after my dad died they both were there to help me.. I got to meet his girlfriend and she was very nice and had some of the same qualities I had….  It is always nice to leave on a good note.  Anyway, on Summer nights Neil and I would ride his dad’s bike and just have a wonderful time.. It was safe as Neil raced bikes so I always felt safe…  I always will remember Neil and the great times we shared..

This song is for my friend Neil.


Born to be Wild.

Have a great day.





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