3 Oct 2012

Good morning..  Hope everyone has a great day. Go to the doctor this morning as they want to see if my high blood pressure is under control after uping my dose of meds.

We sold the piano and the new owners are coming to pick that up this morning.  I am glad it is going to a little girl who is learning how to play the piano.  I am glad I know how to play the piano and might get a keyboard if I decide I want to continue to play the piano.  I first learned piano and then violin which I really loved, but because of breaking my wrist while with Jeff, I can’t get my hands in the right position to play the fiddle anymore.  I miss not playing an instrument.  I have thought about the Celtic harp.  They have a small harp so it isn’t this big instrument that you can’t move around easily.  I want something that is easy to move.  That is why I am glad we sold the piano.  When the time is right the right instrument will present itself.  I am thinking about the drum as that is easy to move and they have drums and bagpipes in Scottish marching bands.  A guitar too is easy to move and you don’t need special movers to move.



I am thinking about an old friend who I still believe in, warts and all, but who I don’t think believes in himself.  I wonder if that is part of the problem is that he doesn’t understand how anyone else can believe in him or see the potential in him to be the great man he was born to be.  I know I am guilty of thinking sometimes I can’t do something, but that is where we have to keep on trying to make it to the top of that mountain.. We all have struggles that try to keep us from making it to the top of the mountain.  For some it is learning problems and emotional problems due to abuse like I have, for others it is not believing in yourself, and for others it might be physical limitations.  The point is we all have struggles that we must overcome.. We have to keep on trying and not give up.

I believe with my help this person could reach the stars and achieve and make into reality whatever dreams and goals he has.  I could help him be the best he could be and build him up to believe in himself and his talents, gifts, and to be that little engine who makes it to the top of the mountain.

We all make mistakes, we all have warts, and we all have a dark side.  A true friend loves you unconditionally even though they know you have warts and all…….  I wish he believed in me and our friendship enough to at least try to work together to fight White Nationalism and Nazi HATE WORLDWIDE.

I am one of the few women strong enough to handle this man, and he is one of the few men strong enough to handle and reign me in from my out of control behavior.  He just has to admit that he doesn’t know everything there is to know about me and come and talk to me one on one in person and ask me any questions himself and look into my eyes, and give me a chance to do the same thing.  I believe our friendship is strong enough to move pass all the bad things and become even stronger based on truth…..

I hope that someday we can talk things out and that we can work together and join forces in the FIGHT AGAINST WHITE NATIONALISM.


Romeo and Juliet- dire straits/eric clapton


Who says you can’t go home-Bon Jovi

Someday I will take a trip back home to Boston.. Put flowers on the family graves in Lynn.  Go to the Cape and other places that I want to see…

Have a great day.

Will write later.






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