10 Sept 2012

Nice costume for the Halloween/Samhain witch.  The Halloween stores are open here, will go in and check a couple out.  Yet, living where I do takes away the fun, because there are no kids that trick or treat, so I feel what is decorating and going all out for?  It is for me.   The kid in me that still loves Halloween/Samhain.

I think I will be a witch this year.

Watching a new show about leaving the Amish last night, I was reminded of myself by one of the young woman who are leaving their church.  In it she talked about the nasty letters she got before she left saying she was going to hell.  Got that in spades.  Talked about how she was told how the Bible says REBELLION IS THE SIN OF WITCHCRAFT AND SO THEREFORE SHE WAS A WITCH.  JEFF USED TO ADD AND THE BIBLE SAYS TO BURN WITCHES.  Got that in spades too.  So this year I am going to be a witch.  Oh if you ever hear I am a witch that is where that comes from, as I AM AND WAS TO REBELLIOUS TO BELIEVE WHAT JEFF WANTED ME TO BELIEVE AS A CI/WHITE NATIONALIST PASTOR.

I hope this young woman will be ok.  Will know as the new show unfolds.

Walking Benji this morning KSLX played Rolling Stones, love the Stones so going to start your day with the song that started my day.  Plus it goes along with the witch theme.  You know Jeff and his brand of CI/White Nationalists believe that witches and the devil were together.  Sad that the same mindset of Salam is still here in America.  I would be on the list of the new witches to burn if White Nationalsits like Jeff ever gain power and they can rule by the Bible.


Rolling Stones- sympathy for the devil


Have PTSD group this morning.  Will post when I get back.

It is helping so I encourage people who have been abused and put through HELL, to go.   My writing is getting better and I was able to write in my private journal/diary for the first time in months.  I have a blank little notebook with the Celtic tree painted on it that I use as my diary.

Will still keep the online journal for now, as I think it is so important in reaching White Nationalist women to see the truth and decide to leave, join the fight, and be willing to tell what they know.  I still have a long way to go before I am at the end of the dark tunnel, but I keep taking one more step forward.  There is a better life out there, but we just have to keep moving forward and not look back.

We are strong women.  We are also women of courage.

Here is another hero of mine, HRH Queen Victoria.

As I said, my heroes are a combination of American, Scottish, Irish, and English.

I tend to choose people who I feel had courage and strength, fire and passion, and stood and fought for what they believed in.

I liked the movie Young Victoria.  I could relate to the problems she had with her mother.  lol.

She had a very deep love for her husband Prince Albert, who was a wonderful man in his own right.

Who are your heroes?  Would they want you to be a White Nationalist woman teaching your children to HATE others who are different or think different then you White Nationalists?

Think about what you are teaching your children to believe?


Will end with this song.


Bon Jovi- who says you can’t go home.

There is no reason why you can’t leave the twlight zone that White Nationalism is.  You can leave and find your way back home.



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